Scam alert: Email delivering shared “folder” includes phishing link

Thinking of adopting a Zero Trust approach to security for your business? Read this first.

Don't click: Phishing email claiming you have “pending messages” leads to fake Microsoft Outlook-branded login page

Alert: Phishing email sent via compromised account exploits Microsoft branding to trick users

Phishing email asks users to upgrade mailbox; uses LinkedIn redirect to avoid detection

Email scam spoofs Adobe Document Cloud to harvest user credentials

Beware: Zoom-themed phishing email scam intercepted

The cyber silver lining following a year we would rather forget

Cybercriminals continue using compromised Dropbox accounts to send scam emails

Phishing email scam claims your Zoom “meeting attendees are waiting”

Navigating the ransomware payout dilemma: Garmin’s story  

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Let’s think smarter and safer about the data we’re sharing

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Remote access scams & identity theft

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Staying protected from Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Social Media & Identity Theft

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Online shopping scams & identity theft

Scams Awareness Week 2020: Phishing scams & identity theft

Scam Alert: Phishing email claims to share a “secured document using Adobe Creative Cloud Service”

Phishing email asks users to review “pending emails” via a malicious link

Caution: Cybercriminals are using compromised Dropbox accounts to scam email users

Microsoft Inspire 2020 – Some highlights and key takeaways

Phishing email spoofs Westpac, claims your “online purchases have been stopped”

Warning: Massive phishing campaigns are targeting millions of Office 365 users worldwide. Here’s how you can protect your business.

Business email compromise scams cost Australians $132 million last year. What are you doing to keep your business safe?

PM Scott Morrison announces Australia is under a “sophisticated cyber-attack”: How can our businesses remain cyber-secure?

80% of Australian companies believe their cybersecurity investments are ‘failing’, according to Accenture survey. How can we keep our businesses protected?

Phishing email scam spoofs Dropbox & Office 365; uses new P.O. to deliver attack

Australian Taxation Office spoofed in phishing scam; email claims to share new “invoice” from ATO

Phishing email spoofing DHL asks users to confirm tracking number via a malicious link

Fraudulent email uses Microsoft Excel attachment to download malicious code

Email titled “Refund Notice” uses malicious password-protected attachment to infect systems

Cyber-attacks on Toll Group, BlueScope, Service NSW are “just the tip of the iceberg”: Alastair MacGibbon

Phishing email titled “Final Alert” threatens to suspend user’s “email service”

Phishing email spoofs Qantas; uses “Coronavirus Relief Bonus” to trick users

Is your business ready to defend itself from sinister scams this EOFY?

EOFY scams are coming. And this year, they may be more dangerous than ever.

Watch Out: This “Zoom Video Conferencing Invitation” is actually a phishing email scam

Email uses attached “supply list” to deliver phishing attack

Phishing email titled “high-extremity alert” claims messages couldn’t be delivered; spoofs Microsoft Office 365

Privacy Awareness Week 2020: Let’s play our part and “reboot our privacy”

Shopify spoofed in phishing scam; email claims “your shop is frozen”

Sex(tortion), Lies and Videotape – the seedy depths of cybercrime

Email containing an “updated statement of account” delivers malicious payload

Email notifying users of a “new Recorded Voice Mail” leads to fake Microsoft Outlook-branded phishing page

How cyber-resilient is your business? The ACSC says even “Australian Govt. still requires further improvement to meet the rapidly evolving cyber security threat environment.”

COVID-19 scams continue to dominate headlines: Experts predict 30-40% hike in cyber-attacks

Latitude Financial spoofed once again in a multi-staged phishing email scam

Phishing email spoofing ANZ asks for users’ phone numbers in pre-drafted email

Sinister cybercrime: Emails notifying users of COVID-19 “relief payment” contain malicious link

Warning: Multiple extortion phishing emails threatening to release incriminating data intercepted by MailGuard

Scam Alert: Phishing email shares ‘secure’ files supposedly hosted on Microsoft Sway

Video conferencing? Take a minute to think about privacy and data security before jumping in

Remote working & keeping you safe from cybercrime: Top questions answered

Phishing email titled “Payment Confirmation” leads to fraudulent ANZ receipt

Scam Alert: Phishing email containing COVID-19 themed signature spoofs DocuSign and Adobe

“I do my best work in the bedroom” – The trials and tribulations of HR during a pandemic

Phishing email sent supposedly from “IT Support” introduces employees to new “Outlook Web App”

Loose kids, funky backgrounds, bad jokes: What NOT to do during a virtual conference call

Phishing email spoofing Office 365 asks users to review “quarantined messages”

Warning: Email titled “IT COVID-19 Update” delivers phishing attack

Email uses image designed as “remittance advice” attachment to deliver malicious payload

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Tesla: What the world’s largest tech giants taught me about dealing with a pandemic

Plain-text email containing “payment” details suspected to deliver malicious payload

“Be cyber-alert, not cyber-alarmed”: 5 ways to protect your business as remote working spikes

Remote working & Microsoft Teams: What we’ve learned so far

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Tech: 14 days since COVID-19 Declared a Pandemic

Phishing email spoofing Netflix threatens to suspend membership; asks users for photo ID

Mental/ Physical Health and Isolation during COVID-19

Legitimate-looking phishing email spoofing Westpac claims users’ accounts are ‘temporarily blocked’

Phishing email cites users' email domains repeatedly to convince them their mailboxes have been 'de-activated'

Phishing email claims ‘your mailbox is almost full’ to trick users

Email scam uses fraudulent “resume” to deliver malware attack

Phishing email impersonates Mailjet, claims your ‘payment has been declined’

Email containing ‘payment advice note’ delivers malicious payload

Sneaky Accounts Admin Invoice Scam

Phishing email spoofing Westpac informs users their card has been put on ‘hold’

Warning: Email scam uses list of ‘corona-virus affected company staff’ to deliver malicious payload

Phishing email scam spoofs Netflix again; threatens to suspend membership

Local Internet service provider iiNet spoofed in phishing email

Toll Group ransomware attack: Are you ready for the ripple effect?

Phishing email impersonating PayPal confirms the addition of a new address

Parcel delivery email scam spoofs Aramex, claims delivery was ‘unsucessful’

Toll Group ransomware attack: Don’t let it happen to you

Extortion emails demand $1300 worth in Bitcoin within 72 hours

Email spoofing Squarespace threatens to suspend your website

Don't fall for this phishing email impersonating Australian PM Scott Morrison

Phishing email claims to deliver ‘your Qantas Travel Money load receipt’

Netflix brandjacked again; phishing email uses 3-step verification to trick users

Phishing email supposedly from ‘Dailpad’ claims you have ‘recieved’ a voicemail

Latitude Financial spoofed in phishing scam; email tells users their account access has been ‘disabled’

Phishing email supposedly from Microsoft threatens to deactivate your email account

ANZ Bank exploited again in a new phishing scam designed to steal banking credentials

New year, not so new scam – Netflix email scam refreshed

Year End Email Scams Continue: AWS, HubSpot, MailGun follow PayPal & Netflix

Don’t fall for this new PayPal scam in the holiday rush

The latest Netflix email scam lands just in time for the holidays

Our holiday season opening hours

Suncorp impersonated in phishing email scam; recipients asked to ‘upgrade’ to new database

Phishing email spoofing Netflix asks users to ‘reset’ accounts within 72 hours

Telstra brandjacked in latest email scam

ANZ Impersonated in Scam Aiming to Steal Banking Credentials

Invitation email to 'end of year event' contains malicious phishing link

Phishing email spoofing WeTransfer shares file 'concerning our new order'

Extortion email scam demands ransom Bitcoin payment; uses QR code to provide address

Malicious email impersonates Westpac New Zealand; asks users to validate accounts

Phishing email impersonating Spotify claims ‘your payment didn’t go through’

Commonwealth Bank impersonated in phishing scam; email asks users to confirm card ‘activity’

Multi-staged phishing scam tells Netflix users to ‘update’ accounts or risk losing subscriptions

Phishing email impersonating ANZ Bank uses safety disclaimers to trick recipients

Warning: New ‘voicemail’ email alert delivers phishing attack

Phishing email scam purporting to be from Mailgun & SendGrid informs users of account issues

Email scam spoofs PayPal once again; informs users their account access is ‘limited’

‘Security Alert’ email supposedly from Westpac delivers phishing attack

Phishing email scam spoofs Netflix again; claims accounts are on ‘hold’

'Account suspension' email spoofing St. George delivers phishing attack

Netflix spoofed again; phishing emails ask users to 'update payment information'

WARNING: Sophisticated email scam delivering ‘Emotet’ malware attacks Australian inboxes

Think twice before paying this invoice supposedly from Office 365

Look out for this fake Microsoft Office email asking you to "update your payment information now."

Warning: This invoice attachment contains a phishing scam

Scam Alert: Phishing email spoofing Telstra uses ‘$500 gift card reward’ to trick users

How do you make your passwords more secure?

Email containing ‘audio file’ attachment delivers phishing attack

Phishing email spoofing Commonwealth Bank uses multi-factor authentication to trick users

Emails purporting to be from PayPal hit inboxes; suspected to contain phishing links

Phishing email supposedly from Westpac reminds users of the ‘end of tax season’

Why is being cyber-savvy & security conscious critical for today's professionals?

Shipping notification spoofing Qantas is actually a phishing email scam

Phishing email brandjacks Netflix; claims users’ subscriptions are ‘canceled’

Phishing email impersonating PayPal informs users of "account limitations"

Warning: Think twice before you pay this ‘new bill’ brandjacking Telstra

‘Payment update’ email supposedly from ATO is a phishing attack

Legitimate-looking ‘account verification’ email spoofs NAB, delivers phishing attack

Commonwealth Bank spoofed again; email delivers multi-staged phishing attack

What are YOUR cybersecurity concerns?

Email scam spoofing Hubdoc delivers malicious link

Commonwealth Bank spoofed in phishing email containing fake ‘security message’

Email scam spoofing NAB strikes again; delivers malicious payload

Do you know who is accessing your company data right now?

'New message' email supposedly sent via LinkedIn leads to a phishing page

Hold on before you ‘update your account’

This ‘Remittance Advice’ email may be costlier than you think

Building contract invoice email delivers phishing attack

Email phishing scam spoofing NAB claims users’ cards are ‘put on hold’

MailGuard CEO & Founder Craig McDonald wins the 2019 Victorian Pearcey Entrepreneur Award

Email containing ‘protected message’ ironically includes malicious link

Received unexpected documents via email? It might be a phishing scam

Email delivering shared document carries phishing attack

Scams Awareness Week 2019: Q&A with MailGuard and XCentral

Facebook spoofed once again in multiple variations of a phishing email scam

Scam Alert: New email scam targets eBay sellers

Think your business is too smart to fall for a scam?

Breaking: Phishing email supposedly from Facebook claims you can’t post any new content

Got an email announcing a new voicemail? It might be a phishing scam

Think you’re smart enough to spot an email scam?

Scam Alert: Remittance advice emails are linking to a phishing page

Warning: ‘Review document’ email leads to a blank page

Mind Hack; taking advantage of human psychology, emotions and errors

Breaking: Legitimate-looking phishing email preys on PayPal users

WATCH: Simple plain-text email delivers multi-staged phishing invoice scam

Warning: ‘Proforma invoice’ email downloads a malicious payload

Plain-text email contains multi-staged phishing invoice scam

Phishing email spoofing Office 365 claims your messages haven’t been delivered

Don’t be fooled by this "audio email" phishing scam

Phishing email claims your emails are ‘stuck’

WATCH: Phishing email spoofs Suncorp; ironically uses safety features to trick users

Caution: 'Purchase order' email contains malicious link

78% of small businesses/startups employing staff are being targeted by cybercriminals

‘Next level security’: ID verification email spoofing Suncorp delivers phishing attack

WATCH: NAB spoofed again via 'Unexpected sign-in' phishing email

Phishing email spoofing NAB informs users of supposed ‘unexpected sign-in attempt’

The 5 types of email scams you should be wary of this EOFY

Do you know who’s really set to get the best return this EOFY?

WATCH: Cybercriminals spoof Zenith Bank via a phishing scam

Payment advice email is actually a phishing scam

Watch Out: BSC report email links to Excel-branded phishing page

Transfer confirmation email spoofing Zenith Bank is actually a phishing scam

“Voicemessage Notification” email is actually a phishing scam

WATCH: Phishing email spoofs NAB again; uses safety feature to trick users

CISOs - how closely are you working with your marketing teams?

NAB spoofed once again in a legitimate-looking phishing email scam

WATCH: Phishing email scam spoofing NAB attempts to harvest users' confidential data

Which companies were affected by the top 18 cyber-attacks of all time?

Phishing email scam spoofing Westpac claims to detect ‘unusual activity’ in users’ bank accounts

Warning: Multiple variations of a phishing email scam spoofing NAB hit inboxes

Email scam targets Amazon store online shoppers

BankWest customers targeted in latest email scam

Infographic: Why you need a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy

Would you fall for a brandjacking scam?

ANZ phishing email scam tells users their security challenge answers are ‘incorrect’

Invoice email scam spoofing Xero attacks inboxes again

Payload email scam spoofs DHL

Email scam spoofs PayPal again; suspected to deliver a phishing attack

Email scam uses Google Docs to deliver malicious payload

The 6 questions you should be asking your company’s CISO in 2019

Phishing email scam claims your incoming messages were blocked

Generic email spoofs Microsoft Exchange; delivers phishing attack

Celebrating 18 super years in cloud email security. What a ride! But hold on to your seat, we’re just getting started.

Optus brandjacked again via legitimate-looking email scam

Client Spotlight: Capitol Health

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