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Extended email availability ensures interruptions to your local environment or your cloud infrastructure don’t compromise email access across your organisation.


A Fully Managed Secondary Email System In The Event Of An Outage

MailGuard Live is a fully managed secondary email system that should feature in any business continuity or business recovery plan. It provides employees with continuous access to their email in the event of a primary email server outage. All emails are still filtered via MailGuard’s enterprise-grade email filtering offering protection against threats like phishing, ransomware and BEC.

Automatic Queuing Of All Sent & Received Email

MailGuard Live automatically queues all sent and received messages to and from an activated domain for a rolling period. If your server is unavailable, you can activate MailGuard Live, ensuring your queue becomes static, so that no email is deleted. New and recent email is available via a webmail client and securely queued for delivery to your server as soon as it is back online.

Full Email Productivity

MailGuard Live goes beyond traditional email continuity, not only guaranteeing email delivery via queuing, but providing full email productivity – including sending, receiving, reading and composing emails – in a fully functional email environment, with full access to your personal address book. Your employees will have access to the webmail client by an authenticated log-in.

Insurance For Hosted Email Platforms Like Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Hosted Email solutions like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer low cost and collaboration, but your business continuity is reliant on the availability and accessibility of that platform. MailGuard Live provides full email access via a webmail interface should your hosted email platform become temporarily unavailable.





24X7 Email Continuity

24x7 Email Continuity & Immediate Email Access 

MailGuard Live provides seamless and secure access to corporate email in the event of disruptions to your local environment or your cloud infrastructure. It helps minimise interruptions and maintain productivity by working alongside your primary email system and automatically storing recent inbound and outbound email.

60 Days Rolling Email

Up to 60 days' of Email Access. Mailguard Live Protects Against Lost Productivity                    

MailGuard Live operates independently from your network and via any web browser, allowing access to up to 60 days of inbound and outbound email in a fully functioning email client. Restoration of all sent and received email data after any outage is seamless.

Automatic Queuing

Automatic Queuing of Received Messages, Means Outages Are Invisible to the Public

With automatic queuing of all inbound email, mail never bounces. Primary email system outages are not evident to the outside world with MailGuard Live providing ccomprehensive email continuity, it’s business as usual.

Email Filtering

Guard Against Data Leakage and Security Risks

MailGuard Live protects against data loss or bounced messages during an outage by restoring all messages to the email server.

MailGuard Live continues to apply all existing enterprise-grade anti-spam, anti-virus and filtering policies for inbound and outbound email to maintain stringent email security.



Implementing MailGuard Live is a simple, quick process that allows you to provide your business with an invaluable insurance policy that guarantees business continuity during planned or unplanned email outages.

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