MailGuard is a leading technological innovator and the world’s foremost cloud email security service, detecting and blocking fast-breaking criminal intent email threats 2-48 hrs ahead of the market. MailGuard provides protection for businesses in 27 countries throughout the world against criminal intent email threats like malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing, spear phishing, CEO Fraud, viruses, spam and similar malicious scams. 

MailGuard has led the way in cloud email and web security since 2001, providing protection, continuity and archiving in a single, integrated cloud solution for 24/7 peace of mind. There’s no infrastructure to maintain, software to install or updates required.

MailGuard’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) threat-detection engines stop fast-breaking web and email threats in real-time. Seamlessly stackable with Office 365 and other email platforms, MailGuard provides an added layer of specialized email security to reduce the impact of cybercrime on business. 

A new approach to email security

Most businesses think their traditional antivirus software will protect them from an attack, but that’s simply not the case. Antivirus can stop known threats, but cyber criminals move at rapid pace, relying on the element of surprise. It can take hours or even days for antivirus vendors to identify and deploy updates to customers. 

MailGuard is different to traditional antivirus. A cloud-based email and web solution, partnered with smart Hybrid AI threat detection engines that predict, learn and anticipate new threats as they’re emerging. This cloud-based layer of security means MailGuard can apply immediate protection against emerging threats for users around the globe.

Cyber security is one of the most significant issues facing businesses today, with millions of emails being sent everyday, and the rate of cyber crime increasing by 270% in 2015. 9 out of 10 enterprises report being impacted by spear phishing, and 60% of businesses who experience cybercrime are out of business within six months of the incident, with the average cost of an incident being AUD$276,323.

Where it started

Craig McDonald is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MailGuard.

In 2001, Craig founded MailGuard Pty Ltd (MailGuard), now the world’s largest private Software as a Service [SaaS] security company delivering business-to-business email and web security to customers in 27 countries. MailGuard has agreements with some of the world’s largest providers of email mailboxes and internet security systems.

In 2001, Craig was personally affected by an email containing a virus that caused havoc to his business.  Craig quickly realized how vulnerable businesses were and the extent to which email was present in our everyday lives. The experience inspired him to start MailGuard.

Craig’s key focus is to support and educate businesses who continue to struggle with IT security. With only 30% of global businesses making the shift to the cloud, Craig sees this as an enormous opportunity.