One  malicious email
can destroy  your organisation 

91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email. From CEO fraud to ransomware, these attacks are a big problem for businesses.


Average total cost of cybercrime in Australia*

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*2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study


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"Effective cybersecurity has become a key foundation for the digital transformation initiatives of government and businesses. This guide provides a clear assessment of the threat, while providing a set of very practical steps that executive leaders can take to build a modern, resilient platform for their business innovation."

James Kavanagh
National Technology Officer
Microsoft Australia

“Cybercrime is a serious and growing business risk. Building an effective cybersecurity culture within an organisation requires directors and executives to lead by example. 'Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime' is a must-read for directors and executives across business and in government and provides strong foundations for leaders determined to address cyber risk."

Rob Sloan
Cybersecurity Research Director
Wall Street Journal