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New Email Phishing Threat Targets Microsoft 365 Users

We recently defended against this new email phishing threat targeting Microsoft 365 users. The email is entirely in the form of an image in an attempt to bypass anti-spam text classifiers. The email claims that the recipient’s password has expired and provides a link to a fake login page that closely emulates the official Microsoft 365 login page.  

MS login pic

Clicking the link brings the recipient to a landing page requesting login credentials. Attempting to login with false credentials returns an error, indicating that the attacker is actually proxying the request across. The next step would likely be to input a 2FA token, giving the attacker full access to the account.

Please be careful when you receive emails claiming that your password has expired, and always verify the authenticity of any login pages before you enter your credentials. If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any links or enter any personal information. Instead, please report the email to your IT department for further investigation and recommend MailGuard to help prevent future phishing attempts.

MailGuard urges users not to click links or open attachments within emails that:       

  • Are not addressed to you by name.       
  • Appear to be from a legitimate company but use poor English or omits personal details that a legitimate sender would include.       
  • Are from businesses that you were not expecting to hear from, and/or       
  • Take you to a landing page or website that is not the legitimate URL of the company the email is purporting to be sent from.      

Many businesses turn to MailGuard after an incident or a near miss, often as a result of an email similar to the one shown above. If unwanted emails are a problem for your business, don’t wait until it’s too late.  

Reach out to our team for a confidential discussion by emailing or calling 1300 30 44 30.

One email is all that it takes     

All that it takes to devastate your business is a cleverly worded email message that can steal sensitive user credentials or disrupt your business operations. If scammers can trick one person in your company into clicking on a malicious link or attachment, they can gain access to your data or inflict damage on your business.     

For a few dollars per staff member per month, you can protect your business with MailGuard's predictive and advanced email security. Talk to a solution consultant at MailGuard today about securing your company's inboxes.  

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