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“I do my best work in the bedroom” – The trials and tribulations of HR during a pandemic

Posted by MailGuard on 09 April 2020 15:18:27 AEST

In every company, the HR function plays a critical strategic role in coping with disruption – but what happens when disruption suddenly becomes the norm?  

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Loose kids, funky backgrounds, bad jokes: What NOT to do during a virtual conference call

Posted by MailGuard on 08 April 2020 11:05:40 AEST

It’s happened to the best of us. Trying to log onto a conference call and forgetting the meeting ID and password. Talking with the mute button on or even experiencing ‘frozen faces’ during a video call. Be it due to technological fails or human error, the world of virtual conferencing is full of embarrassing (and sometimes hilarious) mishaps.

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Remote working & Microsoft Teams: What we’ve learned so far

Posted by MailGuard on 26 March 2020 09:03:14 AEDT

Q&A with Craig McDonald, CEO & Founder, MailGuard

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Email scam brandjacks One Drive

Posted by MailGuard on 15 June 2018 12:23:49 AEST
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Watch out for new Dropbox and MailChimp Scams

Posted by MailGuard on 13 October 2017 13:36:21 AEDT

Be wary of opening emails claiming to be from Dropbox. MailGuard intercepted a scam targeting inboxes this week and masquerading as Dropbox. To avoid being detected by email content scanners, in this attack cybercriminals have obfuscated the brand by writing ‘Dropbox’ with non-latin characters.

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Filtering Email Increases Productivity

Posted by MailGuard on 10 October 2013 01:30:00 AEDT

How do you take your email, filtered or non-filtered?

Of all the email directed to a typical business around 75% will probably be junk mail, or spam. In our experience we see anywhere between 50% and 90% across our client base. This spam may be harmless but annoying offers of products, or it could lead to serious damage to a firm's computers or data.


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How cloud security reduces the threat of fast breaking viruses

Posted by MailGuard on 03 April 2012 20:11:00 AEST

On Thursday March 15th, a cloud security specialist at MailGuard identified a fast breaking virus that was not being detected by most end-point anti-virus software. The suspect email contained a message from an Eastern European resident looking for love and friendship. The intention was to lure recipients into browsing what they thought would be pictures of the lonely heart, when in actual fact they were executing malware.

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What if your email just stopped working?

Posted by MailGuard on 06 March 2012 00:00:00 AEDT


Email is the #1 communication tool for the majority of businesses today. Without email access, communications grind to a halt. Businesses lose money fast. Productivity suffers. Brand reputation can be adversely affected. Crucial communications with stakeholders, customers, and vendors are disrupted, and emails may bounce.

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How Software as a Service (SaaS) is changing licensing

Posted by MailGuard on 05 March 2012 23:01:00 AEDT

By Ian Moyse; Eurocloud UK Board Member and Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member.

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