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DOWNLOAD: Top 20 Cybersecurity Non-negotiables

In 2004, the U.S. President and Congress declared October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month for the public and private sectors to work together to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

To celebrate the 20th Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we asked our team of industry experts for their tips to put together our list of the ‘Top 20 Cybersecurity Non-negotiables’.

Businesses can use it as a reference against their org’s current policies and practices, and please let us know how it compares with your own priorities. We’d love to hear what else you consider as a non-negotiable for keeping your people, data and business secure.

Here’s a sample of some of their comments:

"Cybersecurity is not just about protecting data; it's about safeguarding the digital realm, where intellect meets innovation, and where wisdom becomes an armour against the shadows of the web. For me password best practises are a must-have, just as is a defence-in-depth approach to email security. Those two vectors are responsible for a large portion of breaches."

Departmental Director | 20+ years cybersecurity industry experience


"In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the wise defender perceives not just vulnerabilities but the intricate interplay of code and human behaviour, deciphering the digital symphony with intellect and insight. My key focus for businesses to consider is adopting a whole of business, security first culture, from your leadership through to your frontline workers. The human element is vital in defending against bad actors. By extension, I also strongly advocate for Access Control and the principle of least privilege. Only grant your team access to the resources and assets that are necessary to perform their role."

Head of Engineering | 15+ years cybersecurity industry experience

You can download our full list of the 'Top 20 Cybersecurity Non-Negotiables' here.

Top 20 Cybersecurity Non-negotiables

Share it with your team, customers, and supply chain partners to stimulate healthy discussion about what more can be done to keep your organisation secure.

Keeping Businesses Safe and Secure

Prevention is always better than a cure, and one of the best defences is to proactively boost your company’s cyber resilience levels to avoid threats landing in inboxes in the first place. The fact that a staggering 94% of malware attacks are delivered by email, makes email an extremely important vector for businesses to fortify.  

No one vendor can stop all email threats, so it’s crucial if you're using Microsoft 365, to have a third-party email security specialist in place to mitigate your risk. For example, using a third-party cloud email solution like MailGuard.   

MailGuard provides a range of solutions to keep businesses safe, from email filtering to email continuity and archiving solutions. Speak to our team today to ensure that you’re prepared, and to discuss strengthening your Microsoft 365 security.   


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