Gabi Power 30 May 2022 15:24:56 AEST 3 MIN READ

Welcome to the Team, Afia (Affy) Lodi!

This month, MailGuard is delighted to welcome our newest team member, Afia (Affy) Lodi!  

Affy joins our sales team and is here to support our partners in her role as Sales Support Associate, as a key point of contact for MailGuard partners. Her primary focus is to onboard new partners, and to support MailGuard’s existing partner community to keep your customers safe and assist with any partner training needs. You can expect to see her name popping up more often!  

Afia joins the MailGuard family after last year completing what she describes as a “study spree”. With a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering and Information Systems, Post Graduate Diploma in Finance, and a Master of Business of Information Systems, we’re excited to see how she’ll apply her broad range of knowledge in her new role.  

Aside from studying, before joining MailGuard Affy worked with a couple of other SaaS vendors. However, she was looking for a role that would allow her to apply her studies and to explore her passion for cybersecurity, which led her to MailGuard.  

Afia’s particularly excited to break into the cybersecurity industry, as she says it’s a field that’s “very much applicable to people of all walks of life and to all businesses”. She’s also excited about the opportunities for partners locally in Australia, where she believes the category is yet to mature, and there is still room for plenty of growth.   

Outside of work, Affy is a social butterfly. Onboarding with the MailGuard team, which is fully remote, she’s always looking to get out of the house and loves to catch up with friends. She’s quite adventurous, enjoys travelling (particularly when there’s mountains or beaches to explore), and is a self-described foodie. When you chat to her, be sure to ask for a restaurant recommendation. As the cold settles in for those of us in Melbourne, her current favourite is the ramen at Shujinko’s.  

Please join us in welcoming, Affy! 

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