Between 2-48hrs ahead of the market in preventing fast-breaking attacks

About MailGuard: Advanced cloud email security  

MailGuard is a technological innovator, providing enterprise-grade protection against email security threats. We protect companies from fast breaking, zero-day attacks through advanced detection methodologies.

MailGuard instantly protects your customers against:

  • phishing
  • spear phishing
  • CEO fraud (whaling)
  • malware
  • ransomware
  • spyware
  • viruses, and
  • spam.

The MailGuard solution mitigates the threat of email phishing, spear phishing and malicious code attacks before they enter a client network and immediately blocks 99.997% of spam.

Download the MailGuard Partner Program brochure to learn more about partnering with us. 

Stack MailGuard with your customer’s antivirus software

Cyber criminals move quickly, relying on the element of surprise. An attack can be executed in minutes, yet it takes hours or days for antivirus (AV) vendors to push out updates to customers. During that window of exposure, criminals iterate on attacks to avoid detection.

Stacking MailGuard with your client’s current AV solution provides an additional and powerful barrier against malicious cybercrime threats. Position your company as the trusted cloud email and web security expert that your customers turn to.


The risks and dangers of using email

Email is a dominant form of communication and fundamental enabler of our economy. Over one trillion email messages are sent throughout the world every week.

The proliferation of detailed personal information online is enormous. With so much data at the disposal of cyber criminals, online users are easy prey.

As businesses around the world invest millions of dollars in network security and antivirus every year, they continue to fall prey to cybercrime and data breaches. In fact, 9/10 enterprises report being impacted by phishing attacks.

Why partner with MailGuard

Diagram: Cloud email security used by Microsoft partners. Twice as many partners choose MailGuard over, Mimecast, Proofpoint & Barracuda.*

Diagram: Cloud email security used by Microsoft partners. Twice as many partners choose MailGuard over, Mimecast, Proofpoint & Barracuda.* 

  • Recommend the category leading solution that detects & blocks zero-day threats 2-48 hours ahead of the market.
  • Twice as many Microsoft partners choose MailGuard for their own email cloud security.
  • Build your customer satisfaction, referral and retention with our customer-rated +64 Net Promoter Score.
  • Our highly skilled support team is available 24/7 to provide superior customer service & 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your bottom line and your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) with generous partner commissions.
  • Deliver a maintenance free service to your customers with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • We collaborate closely with Microsoft to co-create multi-layered, cybersecurity defense solutions.
  • Position your practice as a strategic cybersecurity specialist advisor.
  • Protect the longevity of your client’s businesses, and of your future revenues, by proactively combating cyberattacks.
  • Maintain complete management visibility of accounts in a unified centralised partner console.
  • Reduce support hours, minimise downtime, and create safer and more productive working environments for your clients.
  • Free marketing support with provision of co-branded collateral.
  • Choice of three partnership levels.    

Download the MailGuard Partner Program brochure PDF 934 KB

*Comparison set of 39 email security vendors. Excludes partners using solely Office 365, Google & internal appliances

How to partner with MailGuard

Contact a MailGuard cybersecurity expert today and ask about to speak to our partner program team.

Phone: 1300 30 44 30

MailGuard partner testimonials

"I called and spoke with Patrick in your help desk. In short he was exactly right and I had the server issue resolved in 30 minutes. This is further proof as to why I am very glad to have partnered with MailGuard. As usual the support I received was first class"
—Coastal Computing

"Complete PC Solutions has been a Partner of MailGuard for over 10 years, we value this partnership as it provides our clients with great Cloud Security Solutions"
—Complete PC Solutions




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