Our proactive and transparent approach to customers sets us apart

Proactive and Transparent Support Sets MailGuard Apart


MailGuard doesn’t just wait for customers to contact us, we proactively monitor customer environments to ensure email continuity 24/7. 

When new threats are breaking, MailGuard will send you timely communications to make sure your teams are well informed. If MailGuard notices threats have penetrated the service, our customers are contacted immediately to assist in management of the situation. 

Aiming for first call resolution, the person you speak to knows every product, with no unwieldy IVRs or call transfers. MailGuard boasts a 98% first call success rate, 99% customer retention and a class leading +64 NPS score.

Contacting Support


Phone:  In line with our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), MailGuard Service Desk staff are available 24 hours a day. Australian Partners and Clients please call 1300 30 65 10
United States Partners and Clients please call 1888 848 2822
United Kingdom Partners and Clients please call 0 800 404 8993

Email:  We are also happy to manage any non-urgent requests via email. Your email will automatically establish your request within our service system and will be handled by our service desk team within AEST business hours.

MailGuard Console:  All MailGuard Partners and Clients can also make any request via the Support Tab in the MailGuard console. As with an email, your request will be established within our system and dealt with during AEST business hours by our service desk team.

HelpCentre, a comprehensive Online Self Help Service, is also provided in the MailGuard Console and includes service configuration instructions, best practice, error explanations and a detailed guide to our most powerful features.

Please feel free to contact our Support team 24/7 if there's anything we can do to help.


What Our Customers Say About MailGuard 24/7 Support


"I deal with varied support teams including IBM, Lotus Notes and Symantec to name a few. They should all base their support training on the MailGuard model" 
McPhersons Consumer Products

"Your support desk and the guys on it are easily the best support of any spam protection product I've ever experienced" 

"Your technical support is excellent. The level of service is really outstanding" 
Bond Lawyers

"You always have quick responses"  
Enspire Australia


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