Gabi Power 26 May 2022 16:54:01 AEST 9 min read

Is Multi-Factor Authentication Still Effective in Preventing Cyberattacks?


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MailGuard Editor 30 May 2015 5 min read

Top 3 Reasons Your AV Isn’t Stopping Fastbreak Phishing And Other Spam Attacks Like Cryptolocker

Let’s get real for a moment. Your antivirus software isn’t stopping fastbreak phishing ...
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MailGuard Editor 03 March 2015 3 min read

Zero Day Malware Variant ‘Cryptor’ Embedded In .CHM Documents

Early this morning, MailGuard have identified a new form of malware propagation where ...
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MailGuard Editor 27 February 2015 2 min read

The Key To The Best Malware And Spam Protection

Any business with a dedicated IT department has some kind of computer or network ...
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MailGuard Editor 19 February 2015 2 min read

Hemisphere Technologies Expands Security Portfolio With Cloud Security Provider, MailGuard

IT security solutions distributor, Hemisphere Technologies, has signed a distribution ...
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17 February 2015 2 min read

Brazilian Zimbra Partner 4Linux Choose MailGuard Email Filtering To Ensure Privacy And Security For Their Clients

Brazilian IT consultancy and support group 4Linux have formed a partnership with ...
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MailGuard Editor 04 February 2015 6 min read

So, You Have Fears Or Anxieties About Cloud?

Hello, good to see you again, take a seat. Are you comfortable? That's great. Now, I ...
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MailGuard Editor 17 January 2015 5 min read

A Question of Cloud vs On-premise: The Way Of The Future

MailGuard partners with hundreds of IT providers around the globe. Businesses often turn ...
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22 December 2014 6 min read

Email Privacy, Confidentiality And Security In The Age Of Cloud

Much has been made about the privacy, confidentiality and security of emails and data ...
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15 December 2014 3 min read

Christmas Phishing Scams - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

"It is the night before Christmas and you're curled up snugly in your house. Not a ...
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06 December 2014 3 min read

Now Is The Time To Pass The Open-Source

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MailGuard Editor 04 December 2014 2 min read

MailGuard Breaking IT News: Dropbox Phishing Email Scam

Today MailGuard caught a number of phishing emails purporting to originate from people ...
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MailGuard Editor 25 November 2014 4 min read

Zimbra vs. Office 365 vs. Google

MailGuard has been a pioneer of cloud security since 2001. Today, we are recognised as ...
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MailGuard Editor 12 November 2014 3 min read

Another Fake NSW Office of State Revenue Scam Hits Emails

Overseas based online scammers have sent out the most sophisticated looking phishing scam ...
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16 October 2014 2 min read

Don't Let Your Important Emails Fly The Coop!

The ad for Carrier Pigeon 2.0 sounds ludicrous doesn't it.
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MailGuard Editor 09 October 2014 6 min read

Breaking Up With Your Cloud Provider- What To Do When The Honeymoon Is Over

Romeo and Juliet. Anthony and Cleopatra. Bonnie and Clyde. Some of the world's most ...
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