Don't Let Your Important Emails Fly The Coop!

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Carrier Pigeon MedThe ad for Carrier Pigeon 2.0 sounds ludicrous doesn't it.

Think of it this way, what would you do if you didn't have emails?

Email is still the number one form of communication for businesses today. Majority of businesses have an email address listed on their website for prospective clients to contact them, and this becomes one of the easiest and most reliable forms of direct communication for businesses. The fact remains that without email access, communication becomes much more difficult and this in turn impacts business productivity and profit.

If a business experiences downtime due to a primary mail server failure or ISP outage, email users will have no access to their emails. Sometimes this can be for lengthy periods of time. Important incoming emails like quotes, sales, contracts and transactions will not be received by the business until servers are restored. Any one of these emails could be that million dollar deal you've been waiting for!

For many businesses, their current IT infrastructure and email systems simply are not sufficient enough to cope when outages occur, and believe it or not, these failures can happen easily enough. Aging infrastructure, damaged hardware, power surges and malware, can facilitate problematic email outages.

Despite this being a real threat to businesses, most do not have an email continuity solution or disaster recovery plan in place. One way businesses can minimise the impact of email outages is to implement a continuity or disaster recovery plan such as MailGuard Live.

Email continuity does just as the name implies, it allows your business to continue on. When your server is down and out, emails are instead directed to an off premise server so you will continue to receive your emails through a webmail client. The service also allows you to have full email productivity including access to your address book, and the ability to send, receive, read and compose emails from any internet enabled device. Once the outage is over, all messages are then resent to the primary mail server.

If you run a business that relies on email communication for sales, marketing, customer service, support or any other business process, you could order yourself the Carrier Pigeon 2.0. Or you could make the smart and logical choice, and ensure you are always contactable and ready for business with MailGuard Live email continuity.

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