MailGuard 20 May 2022 11:43:32 AEST 4 min read

Should Corporate Boards Be Required to Disclose the Cybersecurity Expertise of Directors?


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Craig McDonald 23 July 2018 8 min read

The imitation game: email fraud, phishing & brandjacking

The term “imitation game” comes from a paper Alan Turing wrote in 1960 called Computing ...
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Craig McDonald 16 July 2018 9 min read

Email: the skeleton key to your company’s data & dollars

Phishing Brandjacking CEO fraud All these kinds of cybercrime are perpetrated using email ...
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Craig McDonald 05 July 2018 7 min read

Attention: unusual activity on your email account - click here

  Does defeating cybercriminals mean we need to try thinking like they do? The kind of ...
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Craig McDonald 07 June 2018 10 min read

How hard/easy is it to defraud your company?

You have your solicitor look over contracts before they’re signed. Your accountant ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 23 May 2018 4 min read

FBI stats: email fraud still #1 cybercrime

The latest report released by the FBI’s internet crime division - IC3 - reveals that ...
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Craig McDonald 05 March 2018 4 min read

One email can take down your business: social engineering

Last December, cybercriminals stole millions of dollars from several law firms with a ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 01 March 2018 6 min read

CEO fraud attacks up 2,370% since 2015

Friday afternoon at a typical office in Sydney, Australia. Most of the staff have left to ...
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Craig McDonald 28 December 2017 2 min read

1 Fraudulent Email = $1 Million Lost

There’s a striking cybercrime case in the headlines this week involving email fraud. John ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 17 November 2017 5 min read

Craig McDonald to Speak about Cybercrime Prevention at AIM WA Seminar

  On Tuesday (21 Nov) MailGuard's CEO Craig McDonald - author of ‘Surviving the Rise of ...
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Jaclyn McRae 18 May 2017 3 min read

Why your cybersecurity plan needs expert oversight

 Once considered the bastion of the IT department, cybersecurity has quickly surged up ...
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Jaclyn McRae 18 May 2017 1 min read

Infographic: Counting the costs of cybercrime

 When two of the world’s biggest tech giants are each duped $100m in a phishing scam, the ...
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Jaclyn McRae 04 April 2017 2 min read

Think cybersecurity isn’t your problem? Here's why you're wrong

Email fraud, attacks, shutdowns, disruptions. They’re increasingly common occurrences, ...
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Jaclyn McRae 21 March 2017 4 min read

Why CFOs are the new honeypot for cybercriminals

Less than 60 seconds. That’s all it takes for someone in a faraway place to infiltrate ...
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