Why your cybersecurity plan needs expert oversight

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 18 May 2017 11:26:53 AEST

 Once considered the bastion of the IT department, cybersecurity has quickly surged up the chain of command to become a leadership concern.

This shift is a result of the rapidly-evolving nature of cybercrime and its enormous costs, from financial through to reputational.

Cybersecurity has quickly become too big a challenge for governments alone. They’re assembling a new style of defense to fight the problem: a virtual army made up of experts from the private sector and academia.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says while governments traditionally take the lead on issues such as counter-terrorism, cybersecurity needs wider co-operation.

“We must work together — private sector and nation states — to secure the internet. The challenges the internet faces are greater than can be solved by any of us alone,” Mr Turnbull told a US cybersecurity forum in October.

“In this area, more than so many others, collaboration is absolutely key.”

Leaders agree that cybersecurity needs expert attention. Regularly deemed beyond the realm of the IT department alone, cyber protection is now being handed over to experts who have the time and skills to improve companies’ security and provide continuous cyber-threat countermeasures. This ensures the company can maintain focus on core business requirements, while maintaining oversight of cyber-related issues.

Four things to consider when evaluating your company’s cybersecurity needs

  • Outsourcing doesn’t mean ‘out of sight, out of mind’

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure your security vendors have you covered. You can outsource a task, but you cannot outsource responsibility. Ownership of risk remains the bastion of the information owner.

  • Education is vital

You’re only as strong as your least cyber-savvy staff member. Your cybersecurity policy needs to include a comprehensive, regularly-updated education program. It needs to be applied company wide, from the front desk to the boardroom.

  • Is your company subject to regulatory or legislative requirements for mail storage?

Consider any regulatory or compliance requirements your company may be subject to for email archival. In some jurisdictions and industries, statutory email retention periods are up to 10 years. A cloud-based email archival system such as SafeGuard encrypts and stores emails exactly as they are received, in original condition. Better yet, they’re accessible in real-time.

  • Not all email and web security vendors are equal. Choose wisely

Some antivirus companies are reliant on customers installing updates when new threats are discovered. Choose a cloud-based provider such as MailGuard, which is two-48 hours ahead of the market in blocking new threats, to ensure you’re protected in real time against new and ever-evolving cyber threats.

Why choose MailGuard for web and email security?

  • Unrivalled speed

Threats are blocked from the perimeter, before they enter your email environment.

  • Unclutter your inboxes

MailGuard removes 99.997% of spam before it hits your inbox, improving your team’s productivity and susceptibility to cyber attacks

  • Set and forget

There’s no hardware, no software, no installation, no upgrading – ever. MailGuard’s cloud-based protection removes the technological burden of managing expensive hardware and software. Protection is guaranteed with zero maintenance, administration or end-user training.

  • Free, unlimited 24/7 technical support

Our phone support is provided around the clock by in-house security experts, with email support also available during AEST business hours. Our expert team boasts 98% first-call resolution.

  • Reliability (it works, 100% of the time)

MailGuard is governed by a rock-solid SLA and boasts 100% historical service uptime and 100% email delivery.

  • Rapid deployment

MailGuard can be up and running in a matter of hours and you can scale the service as needed. Your business enjoys agile security and you only pay for services you use.

  • Industry expertise

Established in 2001, MailGuard is an undisputed expert in the field, handling IT security on behalf of hundreds of thousands of business users across 27 countries.

Interested to improve your online security? Try MailGuard today with our 14-day free trial.

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