Dropbox Scam: New Phishing Attack

By Richard Price on Mar 4, 2016

A new Dropbox phishing scam emerged last night, with cyber criminals trying to hack the recipient’s email account by harvesting credentials from a fake Dropbox form.

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Watch out: New fake Google phishing email

By Richard Price on Mar 1, 2016

Another fake Google phishing email is currently in circulation, manipulating readers into surrendering access to their email accounts.

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Breaking: New Paypal Phishing Scam Now Circulating

By Richard Price on Feb 29, 2016

Beware of a new PayPal phishing scam that’s hitting inboxes today.

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Beware of these spear phishing email attacks

By Richard Price on Feb 26, 2016

Organisations have again been the target of a number of spear phishing attacks this week, which MailGuard has successfully blocked.

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New sham Apple phishing scam bites

By Richard Price on Feb 18, 2016

A new sham Apple phishing scam has emerged, which uses a range of tactics to fool users into surrendering personal information including their account and credit card details.

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New fake Citibank phishing scam sees cyber criminals ...

By Richard Price on Feb 11, 2016

A new fake Citibank phishing scam using advanced techniques to manipulate users into surrendering online banking access has emerged.

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Beware: another fake Dropbox phishing scam

By Richard Price on Feb 4, 2016

A new fake Dropbox phishing scam targeting users of the online sharing and storage platform is currently in circulation.

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Sham PayPal email scam targets online shoppers

By Richard Price on Jan 28, 2016

A fake PayPal phishing scam which fools users into surrendering their personal details is currently in circulation.

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Another Google Phishing Email Scam

By Richard Price on Jan 11, 2016

A Google Docs phishing scam has been successfully blocked by MailGuard’s email filtering software, following another similar recent attack.

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How to Strengthen Your Office 365 Security Against ...

By Richard Price on Dec 29, 2015

If you’ve made the move to Office 365 as your hosted email solution, your email is likely to be filtered using its Exchange Online Protection (EOP), which works to intercept and remove malicious content before it reaches your inbox.

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Office 365 Security Features - The Pros and Cons for ...

By Richard Price on Dec 18, 2015

The features and benefits of Office 365 are undeniable, allowing business owners and employees to access email and data from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

However, organisations transferring their operations to the cloud face a number of security implications - in particular, data access and defence against cyber threats like spam and malware.

Fortunately Office 365 features a range of security benefits, shown below, which help to mitigate risk.


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Protect Yourself Against This ‘Tax Return Error’ Scam ...

By Daniel Graziano on Sep 9, 2015

MailGuard have identified and successfully blocked another zero day malware scam purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 

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Spammers Impersonate Department of Human Services In ...

By Daniel Graziano on Sep 3, 2015

MailGuard have identified and successfully blocked a phishing email scam purporting to be from the Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS). 

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Cyber Criminals Targeting Australians Again With Fake ...

By MailGuard Editor on Jul 2, 2015

Warning: International cyber criminals are targeting Australians again by recycling their fake ‘Australian Federal Police (AFP) infringement scam’ campaign.

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Top 3 Reasons Your AV Isn’t Stopping Fastbreak ...

By MailGuard Editor on May 30, 2015

Let’s get real for a moment. Your antivirus software isn’t stopping fastbreak phishing and other spam attacks like Cryptolocker.

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