Are Your IT and Infosec Leaders Up To The Task?

Posted by Craig McDonald on 22 February 2019 11:01:56 AEDT

Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. Execs, the board, staff on the ground, and especially your IT and Infosec leaders. The question is, are they up to the high-pressure demands in these ever-changing times?  

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Building a cybersecurity tech stack: The importance of a multi-layered approach

Posted by Craig McDonald on 15 February 2019 10:08:50 AEDT

As a cybersecurity leader, I frequently get asked by business owners about how to build a cybersecurity tool stack that can combat current and future threats to a business. Choosing the right tech stack is hard, balancing budget pressures against your needs to get the best bang for your buck.  

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Why personal phones at work are risky business

Posted by Craig McDonald on 07 February 2019 15:33:22 AEDT

Does Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) make sense for your business? With the potential for cost and time savings becoming increasingly evident, the chance for your staff to use their own devices to do work (especially away from the office) may be an exciting prospect.

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How Hannah in HR Can Cause a Data Leak Disaster: The Evolving Complexity of Business Email Compromise

Posted by Craig McDonald on 01 February 2019 14:41:40 AEDT

Here’s a hypothetical example of a commonly observed type of email fraud:

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Attracting top cybersecurity talent: Building a stellar team

Posted by Craig McDonald on 01 February 2019 13:27:48 AEDT

According to the 2019 Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

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Is your business prepared to handle a sudden email outage? Today?

Posted by Craig McDonald on 25 January 2019 14:56:14 AEDT

What would be the consequence if your business’ email was not accessible for 30 minutes? How about a full day? A week?

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Aligning your organisation to tackle cyber risk, and why it must start at the top

Posted by Craig McDonald on 21 January 2019 15:48:37 AEDT

For better or for worse, cybersecurity continues to be a fundamental concern for businesses. In fact, 2018 was a year that saw a rise in both the number and complexity of cyberattacks. From Facebook to British Airways, brands from all over the world fell victim to cybercrime and made headlines on what seemed like a daily basis.

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How Cybersecurity Is Evolving: The Real Lesson of Machine Learning

Posted by Craig McDonald on 11 December 2018 12:19:00 AEDT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are currently hot property, on the wish and hit lists of just about every company on the planet.

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Breaking Through The Culture Of Denial: Why Business Leaders Need To Share Their Experiences

Posted by Craig McDonald on 28 November 2018 16:58:40 AEDT

Another day, another red-faced exec wondering how his company just managed to get scammed out of thousands of dollars. Embarrassing? Yes. Uncommon? No.

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Silly (Shopping) Season is Upon Us

Posted by Craig McDonald on 22 November 2018 16:15:08 AEDT

It’s officially silly (shopping) season. Inboxes around the world are starting to fill up with crazy hot sales, festive deals, and year-end promotions.

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When Employees Go Rogue: Guarding Against Malicious Insider Attacks

Posted by Craig McDonald on 14 November 2018 10:49:04 AEDT

Shady and shifty or just another regular Jo? Much like Ted Bundy was considered a charismatic guy, you can never be too sure of the biggest personnel threats to your organisation. Don’t we always see in the news that it’s Susan the lovely office manager who seems to be the one channeling company funds into her own accounts? 

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Social Engineering: The Psychological Tools Of Cybercrime

Posted by Craig McDonald on 26 October 2018 08:05:00 AEDT

“How did I fall for that?”

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Don’t be the next headline. New report finds 291 records breached per second in H1 2018

Posted by Craig McDonald on 19 October 2018 15:30:55 AEDT

Released last week, Gemalto’s Breach Level Index found that over 4.5 billion data records were breached in the first half of this year - up 1,751% from the same time last year. That translates to 291 data records being breached per second in the first half of 2018.

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CEOs need to make cybersecurity part of corporate culture

Posted by Craig McDonald on 21 September 2018 09:22:52 AEST

What is cybersecurity?
If you walked around your office and asked people that question, what sort of answers do you think, you’d get?

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Business-targeted cybercrime surging in Australia says PWC report

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 07 September 2018 11:39:45 AEST

In the last two years, 45% of Australian companies were attacked by online criminals.

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