MailGuard 29 September 2021 13:26:46 AEST 1 MIN READ

Building Cyber Resilience: 6 Practical Solutions for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

“Hybrid work represents the biggest shift to how we work in our generation. And it will require a new operating model, spanning people, places and processes” 

(Satya Nadella, Chairman & CEO, Microsoft)

The move to remote and hybrid working environments, although unprecedented in its timing, has been inevitable. A global pandemic, characterised by social restrictions, has forced businesses across the world to make a rapid digital transformation to support remote working. In parallel, we have witnessed a sharp escalation in the incidence of cybercrime, with daily news headlines about data breaches and ransomware attacks, and of companies and individuals falling prey to phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.  

In our latest eBook, we share practical solutions aimed to provide food for thought for business leaders, Infosec professionals and teams undergoing the transition to a hybrid or remote workforce, to consider, as they design a strategy and response that reflects the unique situation, threats and assets of their own individual firm and risk profile. 

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As you continue to fortify your business’ cybersecurity strategies amidst the transition to a new world of work, share this with your teams to provide them with some practical solutions that can be implemented today.