Gabi Power 01 August 2022 11:54:04 AEST 11 min read

Have You Been Scammed? Here’s Where to Report It

If you’ve fallen victim to an online scam or cyberattack, or even had a near-miss, knowing what to do next can be both scary ...

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Jaclyn McRae 21 December 2016 2 min read

Malicious Commonwealth Bank fraud email targets hundreds of thousands of Australians

 Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been targeted by a fake Commonwealth Bank ...
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Jaclyn McRae 19 September 2016 2 min read

Accounting sector targeted in successive Trojan email attacks

 Accountants and bookkeepers have been the target of high-volume phishing attacks in the ...
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Jaclyn McRae 14 September 2016 3 min read

Breaking: Cybercriminals impersonate Intuit QuickBooks client in invoice scam

 A major cloud-accounting provider is being impersonated in a malicious new email scam.
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Jaclyn McRae 31 August 2016 1 min read

Breaking: High-volume malware attack thwarted

MailGuard is today blocking a large-scale run of email attacks aiming to implant malware ...
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Jaclyn McRae 30 August 2016 2 min read

Breaking: Zero-day Russian invoice scam targets businesses

A sophisticated fast-breaking payload email identified by MailGuard today exploits a bug ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 20 May 2016 2 min read

AGL Branded ‘Electricity Bill’ Phishing Email Carrying Trojan Malware

Thousands of Australian email users have been targeted with an AGL branded phishing email ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 05 May 2016 2 min read

New AusPost Attack: Scammers Change Tactics – From Crypto Ransomware to Trojan Malware

Cyber criminals have crafted an almost identical email to previous and very recent ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 15 April 2016 2 min read

QuickBooks Email Scam Targets Mining & Resources Sector with Trojan Malware

A sophisticated new QuickBooks scam is circulating targeting businesses that appear to be ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 06 April 2016 2 min read

Warning – Don’t Download Files Purporting To Be From Australian Recoveries & Collections (ARC)

Australians are being hit by many variations of phishing email scams. Today MailGuard ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 24 March 2016 2 min read

Emerging threat: Invoice Attachments, Revisiting an Old Malware Scam

A new spin on an old malware scam that we haven’t seen for a while has begun circulating. ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 17 March 2016 3 min read

New Macro Word Malware Email Scams Hidden in Zip File Attachments

New tactics to bypass traditional anti-virus defences are ever developing, but this ...
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Daniel Graziano 10 November 2015 2 min read

Zero Day JavaScript Email Malware Scam – ‘Recalculation of Payments’

MailGuard have recently identified and successfully blocked a new JavaScript malware ...
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Daniel Graziano 11 September 2015 2 min read

Don’t Let This Fake Job Applicant Cripple Your Corporate Network

MailGuard have identified and successfully blocked an email scam outbreak containing ...
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