Gabi Power 26 May 2022 16:54:01 AEST 9 min read

Is Multi-Factor Authentication Still Effective in Preventing Cyberattacks?


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17 February 2015 2 min read

Brazilian Zimbra Partner 4Linux Choose MailGuard Email Filtering To Ensure Privacy And Security For Their Clients

Brazilian IT consultancy and support group 4Linux have formed a partnership with ...
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Akankasha Dewan 05 September 2014 8 min read

Don’t Click That! Your Guide To Cyber-attacks And Tips For Being Cyber Safe Within Your Business

The internet has become an indispensable tool for everyday life, both personal and ...
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MailGuard Editor 01 August 2014 3 min read

Why Good Cloud Service Support Is Important For Your Business

Information Technology service desks and support technicians are a busy bunch indeed. 
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MailGuard Editor 25 June 2014 2 min read

Why Companies Need To Archive Their Business Email And Why They Should Be Stored In The Cloud

Email has become a form of communication that companies cannot live without. In many ...
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MailGuard 10 October 2013 4 min read

Filtering Email Increases Productivity

How do you take your email, filtered or non-filtered? Of all the email directed to a ...
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MailGuard Editor 19 September 2013 < 1 min read

The New and Improved HostedMail

The wait is over! Our new HostedMail product is ready and waiting to replace our previous ...
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MailGuard Editor 31 May 2012 2 min read

A simple and proven way for SMBs to achieve email compliance

One area having particular impact on SMB compliance is IT and email. In many industries ...
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