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A simple and proven way for SMBs to achieve email compliance

One area having particular impact on SMB compliance is IT and email. In many industries across Australia, business must meet compliance mandates requiring storage of current and past information. As email systems have matured, so have demands for compliance. But at the same time, the sheer volume of email traffic and file size has presented a much greater strain on IT departments to stay ahead in the game.

Businesses with inadequate email discovery solutions in place are feeling the heat. IT departments are expected to keep business systems running smoothly, and ensure that email is not clogging up the network. Equally important is the guarantee that past information is backed up and fully searchable in the event of litigation.

Traditional local archiving solutions cannot adequately fulfill what is demanded by business. Retrieval of important commercial information can be slow and records are often incomplete. The manpower and resources required to perform searches can be exorbitant.

As bandwidth becomes more readily available (and affordable), more businesses are turning to email archiving solutions delivered via a web browser. A fully managed online email archive has the potential to alleviate much of the pain felt by IT departments. Rather than having to perform nightly back-ups, business email can be automatically stored in the cloud.

Email retrieval and discovery becomes simpler, performing searches through sophisticated engines specifically designed to locate important email in seconds. And because archive capacity is unlimited, the server load on local networks can be minimised.

Companies need not worry about the red tape surrounding their email systems because emails – even those that have been deleted from a business network – are kept forensically intact. Even better, there’s the added bonus of having an abundance of valuable commercial intelligence right at your fingertips.

It makes sense for business to cut through the red tape, and turn to solutions that deliver benefits beyond the demand for compliance.


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