LinkedIn Phishing Email Scam Targeted At Compromising Professional User Accounts

Posted by Daniel Graziano on 05 August 2015 12:55:00 AEST

Another fake LinkedIn phishing email scam is being circulated. Our system has identified an increase in the phishing email discussed below; please ensure you remain vigilant in identifying other equally deceptive variations.

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Top 3 Reasons Your AV Isn’t Stopping Fastbreak Phishing And Other Spam Attacks Like Cryptolocker

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 30 May 2015 02:04:00 AEST

Let’s get real for a moment. Your antivirus software isn’t stopping fastbreak phishing and other spam attacks like Cryptolocker.

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Beware Of Phishy Emails From PayPal

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 09 May 2015 00:59:00 AEST

If you are looking for online shopping bargains, beware that you may be getting more than what you bargain for in your inbox.

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The Australian Federal Police Are The Latest Target In Another Cryptolocker Scam

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 30 April 2015 02:08:00 AEST

It is the responsibility of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to protect us from crime. How ironic that in the latest fastbreak Cryptolocker email scam, cyber criminals have adopted the identity of the AFP and are using it to trick unsuspecting recipients into paying them money.

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FREE Online Podcast: The Basics Still Matter in Email Security

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 28 April 2015 18:51:00 AEST

You may have read headlines screaming 'AV is Dead!' It is anything but, according to CEO and Founder of MailGuard, Craig McDonald, who recently contributed to the inaugural podcast hosted by CMO at Zimbra, Olivier Thierry.

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MailGuard Stops Another Online Banking Scam In Its Tracks

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 25 March 2015 19:32:00 AEDT

MailGuard customers can breathe a sigh of relief as MailGuard has again proactively blocked a multitude of phishing attacks aimed at Westpac online banking users, from entering their business network.

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Russian Cyber Criminals Target Australians Again With Cryptolocker Virus

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 05 March 2015 20:48:00 AEDT

Just when you thought it was over! Cyber gangs based in Russia are targeting Australians again after a couple months of peace for us down under. These criminals have been focusing on targeting USA and Europe most recently.

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Zero Day Malware Variant ‘Cryptor’ Embedded In .CHM Documents

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 03 March 2015 23:43:00 AEDT

Early this morning, MailGuard have identified a new form of malware propagation where trojan downloaders are being embedded in .chm documents. Here is a sample email:

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The Key To The Best Malware And Spam Protection

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 27 February 2015 02:38:00 AEDT

Any business with a dedicated IT department has some kind of computer or network protection in place, starting with their on-premise protection such as desktop or gateway anti-virus. 

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Hey IT Manager, What Are You Spending Your Time On?

Posted by

With the level of cloud adoption by businesses increasing, it's clear to see the value of cloud email filtering is appreciated by SME and Enterprise organisations alike. For IT Managers, the burden of ensuring a secure business network is significantly reduced by employing a cloud filtering solution to protect the business 24/7. With the stress of malware containing spam causing havoc to a business network removed, how else are you as the IT Manager benefiting? Cloud email filtering gives you back more time by having experts manage the email spam and malware filtering on your behalf. By having security updates managed for you through the cloud, IT staff are able to concentrate more on core business activities and you might even find you have more money in your IT budget to spare. Cloud email filtering is definitely the key to having constantly updated and monitored spam and virus protection.

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Hit Back At Hackers - Take Proactive Steps To Protect Your Online Web Brand Reputation... Now!

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 24 January 2015 00:43:00 AEDT

Another news day and businesses and government organisations, both large and small are feeling the devastating effects of cyber hacking. 

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MailGuard Breaking IT News: New Online Banking Scam

Posted by

The very latest in fast-breaking phishing scams could cost CommBank customers if they aren't careful. The phishing email purports to be from CommBank telling ‘customers’ that their statement is available for viewing along with other important information to view. This phishing scam email is sent from

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Email Privacy, Confidentiality And Security In The Age Of Cloud

Posted by

Much has been made about the privacy, confidentiality and security of emails and data stored, delivered and accessed in the cloud. From celebrity photo hacking through Apple iCloud, the online theft of customer email addresses from Dropbox, Edward Snowden’s revelations about Governments spying on foreign leaders and their own citizens, and Google scanning email accounts in order to target advertising - the confusion and relevance of just how safe cloud is, has been recently highlighted in the mainstream media.

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MailGuard Breaking IT News: Recent Tax Return Scam

Posted by

The latest fast-breaking phishing scam to hit email inboxes is purporting to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The scam email stipulates that a revenue collection agency is working on behalf of the ATO to offer a tax refund to the email recipient. The email asks recipients to click on a link in order to claim the supposed ‘tax refund’ amount.

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Christmas Phishing Scams - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Posted by

"It is the night before Christmas and you're curled up snugly in your house.
Not a thought of work to be had, though a stranger is working hard at their keyboard and mouse.
Pleasant dreams of holiday cheer and looking forward to a happy New Year, you rest peacefully without a care.
Oblivious to the fact - the last work email you clicked on, downloaded nasty, data-stealing malware."

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