Gabi Power 23 June 2022 17:10:38 AEST 5 min read

Received an Email with a Voicemail Attachment? It Could be a Scam

A tricky new phishing scam is being intercepted by MailGuard which fools victims into believing they’ve received a voicemail ...

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Craig McDonald 04 April 2019 10 min read

Are We Ready To Defer To AI For Cybersecurity?

Are you scared or excited about the future of AI? Perhaps a combination of both? As a ...
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Craig McDonald 19 March 2019 17 min read

Creating a cybersecurity budget? Here’s what to think about

Do you go on holidays without buying travel insurance? I sure don’t. When I’m in ...
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Craig McDonald 08 March 2019 12 min read

International Women’s Day 2019: Let’s accelerate the pace of change

With MailGuard being a Gold Microsoft partner, my team and I have been privileged to work ...
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Craig McDonald 28 February 2019 9 min read

Why are cybersecurity teams still viewed as ‘doom-mongers?’

If you work within the cybersecurity space, the terms “doom-mongers” or “scare-police” ...
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Craig McDonald 22 February 2019 7 min read

Are Your IT and Infosec Leaders Up To The Task?

Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. Execs, the board, staff on the ground, and ...
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Craig McDonald 15 February 2019 9 min read

Building a cybersecurity tech stack: The importance of a multi-layered approach

As a cybersecurity leader, I frequently get asked by business owners about how to build a ...
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Craig McDonald 07 February 2019 9 min read

Why personal phones at work are risky business

Does Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) make sense for your business? With the potential for ...
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Craig McDonald 01 February 2019 8 min read

How Hannah in HR Can Cause a Data Leak Disaster: The Evolving Complexity of Business Email Compromise

Here’s a hypothetical example of a commonly observed type of email fraud:
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Craig McDonald 01 February 2019 9 min read

Attracting top cybersecurity talent: Building a stellar team

According to the 2019 Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will ...
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Craig McDonald 25 January 2019 7 min read

Is your business prepared to handle a sudden email outage? Today?

What would be the consequence if your business’ email was not accessible for 30 minutes? ...
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Craig McDonald 21 January 2019 8 min read

Aligning your organisation to tackle cyber risk, and why it must start at the top

For better or for worse, cybersecurity continues to be a fundamental concern for ...
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Craig McDonald 11 December 2018 9 min read

How Cybersecurity Is Evolving: The Real Lesson of Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are currently hot property, on the wish ...
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Craig McDonald 28 November 2018 7 min read

Breaking Through The Culture Of Denial: Why Business Leaders Need To Share Their Experiences

Another day, another red-faced exec wondering how his company just managed to get scammed ...
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Craig McDonald 22 November 2018 8 min read

Silly (Shopping) Season is Upon Us

It’s officially silly (shopping) season. Inboxes around the world are starting to fill up ...
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Craig McDonald 14 November 2018 7 min read

When Employees Go Rogue: Guarding Against Malicious Insider Attacks

Shady and shifty or just another regular Jo? Much like Ted Bundy was considered a ...
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