MailGuard 20 May 2022 11:43:32 AEST 4 min read

Should Corporate Boards Be Required to Disclose the Cybersecurity Expertise of Directors?


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MailGuard 24 February 2022 4 min read

ACSC Warning for Australian Businesses: Alert Status – High!

Overnight, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) issued an urgent advisory to ...
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Craig McDonald 04 November 2021 7 min read

Is Email Security a Priority for Leaders? The Poll Says 'No'

The facts and figures are quite clear. We only need to look at the latest news headlines ...
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Craig McDonald 11 December 2020 13 min read

Aussie firms under attack: 3 ways cybercriminals are exploiting your team’s trust

Earlier this year, I wrote about the need for Australian businesses to step up their ...
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Craig McDonald 14 November 2018 7 min read

When Employees Go Rogue: Guarding Against Malicious Insider Attacks

Shady and shifty or just another regular Jo? Much like Ted Bundy was considered a ...
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Craig McDonald 19 October 2018 7 min read

Don’t be the next headline. New report finds 291 records breached per second in H1 2018

Released last week, Gemalto’s Breach Level Index found that over 4.5 billion data records ...
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Craig McDonald 21 September 2018 7 min read

CEOs need to make cybersecurity part of corporate culture

What is cybersecurity? If you walked around your office and asked people that question, ...
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Craig McDonald 27 August 2018 6 min read

Is your cybersecurity budget well spent? Or are you missing the target?

The image many businesspeople have of cybercrime is a teenager with a grubby hoody ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 22 August 2018 1 min read

Phoney QuickBooks email used in new fraud

If you’ve seen this email in your inbox, best to delete it immediately. It’s a new scam ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 22 August 2018 8 min read

Smaller companies are “vulnerable targets”: Australian cybersecurity chief

There has been a 2500% increase in the sale of cybercrime kits on the dark-web since ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 17 August 2018 6 min read

$10k lost in latest email fraud against Aussie business

This week the SMH reported the story of the small business owner who lost AU$10,000 in an ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 15 August 2018 6 min read

Email fraud up 46% on 2017: businesses losing $ billions

Claire, an intern at a small legal firm, sits down at her desk after getting back from a ...
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Craig McDonald 23 July 2018 8 min read

The imitation game: email fraud, phishing & brandjacking

The term “imitation game” comes from a paper Alan Turing wrote in 1960 called Computing ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 16 July 2018 2 min read

New phishing attack brandjacking Law Council of Australia

MailGuard has detected a new phishing attack exploiting the trademarks of the Law Council ...
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Craig McDonald 05 July 2018 7 min read

Attention: unusual activity on your email account - click here

  Does defeating cybercriminals mean we need to try thinking like they do? The kind of ...
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Craig McDonald 07 June 2018 10 min read

How hard/easy is it to defraud your company?

You have your solicitor look over contracts before they’re signed. Your accountant ...
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