Phishing email claims ‘your mailbox is almost full’ to trick users

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 17 March 2020 14:08:25 AEDT

Receiving an email about supposedly inaccessible or blocked messages can be alarming, but it doesn’t hurt to think twice about the credibility of the email – especially if it involves clicking on unknown links.

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Email scam uses fraudulent “resume” to deliver malware attack

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 16 March 2020 15:05:39 AEDT

MailGuard has identified and successfully blocked an email scam containing a malware-ridden attachment. The email was sent supposedly from a job applicant seeking employment.

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Phishing email impersonates Mailjet, claims your ‘payment has been declined’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 March 2020 15:21:20 AEDT

A new phishing email scam has been intercepted by MailGuard, this time purporting to be sent from email marketing service Mailjet.

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Email containing ‘payment advice note’ delivers malicious payload

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 11 March 2020 11:51:13 AEDT

Users are advised to be wary of an email masquerading as a ‘payment advice note’. Using a display name of ‘Accounts’, the email is in plain-text and contains no links. It is titled ‘payment advice note from 03.09.2020’.

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Sneaky Accounts Admin Invoice Scam

Posted by Daniel McShanag on 05 March 2020 13:40:01 AEDT

Be on the look-out for this sneaky email scam, pretending to be from an ‘Accounts Administrator’ named ‘Olivia Wilson.’ The simple email is text only with no links or attachments, so it will easily by-pass most email security services. The sender is relying on recipients responding to enquire about the missing invoice, at which time they will harvest the credentials of unsuspecting victims.  

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Phishing email spoofing Westpac informs users their card has been put on ‘hold’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 27 February 2020 17:13:23 AEDT

Cybercriminals have once again exploited Westpac Bank’s trademarks in a phishing email scam.

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Warning: Email scam uses list of ‘corona-virus affected company staff’ to deliver malicious payload

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 25 February 2020 17:54:56 AEDT

MailGuard urges all cyber users to be vigilant when accessing their emails as a widespread email scam leveraging on fears around coronavirus (now officially known as COVID-19) is infiltrating Australian inboxes.

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Phishing email scam spoofs Netflix again; threatens to suspend membership

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 21 February 2020 12:24:48 AEDT

Netflix users, don’t panic if you receive an email threatening to suspend your membership and prohibiting you from watching your favourite TV shows. The popular entertainment company has once again been spoofed by cybercriminals in a phishing email scam.

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Local Internet service provider iiNet spoofed in phishing email

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 18 February 2020 17:53:53 AEDT

Local internet service provider iiNet has been embroiled in a phishing email scam designed to harvest confidential data of users.

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Toll Group ransomware attack: Are you ready for the ripple effect?

Posted by Craig McDonald on 14 February 2020 13:24:53 AEDT

As many of you know by now, logistics giant Toll Group was in the news last week after they were hit by a ransomware attack called Mailto. This attack is usually delivered via an infected email, that was most likely clicked on by an unsuspecting employee which then infects systems running on Microsoft Windows, encrypting files and leaving a ransom note on-screen. The note says that the only way to get the files back is by paying a ransom in Bitcoin.  

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Phishing email impersonating PayPal confirms the addition of a new address

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 February 2020 16:57:30 AEDT

E-commerce company PayPal has once again been embroiled in a phishing email scam designed to harvest confidential data of users.

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Parcel delivery email scam spoofs Aramex, claims delivery was ‘unsucessful’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 February 2020 12:51:18 AEDT

Valentine’s Day is a day away, so it’s perhaps no surprise that cybercriminals are using parcel delivery email scams to trick unsuspecting recipients.

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Toll Group ransomware attack: Don’t let it happen to you

Posted by Craig McDonald on 06 February 2020 10:50:23 AEDT

Like many of you, I read the news that Toll Group confirmed that it is the victim of a “targeted ransomware attack.”

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Extortion emails demand $1300 worth in Bitcoin within 72 hours

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 05 February 2020 10:12:06 AEDT

Extortion email scams have been on the rise, fuelled by multiple data breaches that have leaked mass amounts of personal information. MailGuard intercepted an extortion email scam in the morning of 4th of Jan 2020 (AEST).

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Email spoofing Squarespace threatens to suspend your website

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 31 January 2020 14:30:01 AEDT

Users of Squarespace website-building services are advised to be on the lookout for a malicious email purporting to be from the company. The email was first detected by MailGuard in the afternoon of the 30th of January 2020 (AEST).

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