Gabi Power 01 August 2022 11:54:04 AEST 11 min read

Have You Been Scammed? Here’s Where to Report It

If you’ve fallen victim to an online scam or cyberattack, or even had a near-miss, knowing what to do next can be both scary ...

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MailGuard 08 November 2021 5 min read

Scams Week 2021: Let's Talk Scams with Delia Rickard

We would like to thank the ACCC for providing us with this valuable interview with ACCC ...
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Craig McDonald 26 October 2021 14 min read

Defending Cyber Threats: Have You Implemented the Baseline Essentials?

Cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high and expected to intensify as we head into a ...
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MailGuard 14 October 2021 3 min read

Fundamentals for Shoring Up Phishing Defences from the NCSA

We would like to thank the National Cyber Security Alliance for providing the following ...
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Craig McDonald 20 September 2021 8 min read

Preparing For A Cybersecurity Attack: Is Compromise Inevitable?

Compromise can happen to anyone. It’s no longer a case of ‘If a cyberattack hits my ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 24 April 2018 3 min read

SquirtDanger: new malware targets cryptocurrency wallets & passwords

Making and selling malware like viruses, trojans and ransomware has grown into a booming ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 21 November 2017 3 min read

Fake Telstra Emails Landing in Australian Inboxes

  A large-scale fake email attack is targeting inboxes across Australia today. This ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 20 November 2017 3 min read

Fake Energy Australia Email Drops Malware

  It’s a busy Monday for cybercriminals and spam-bots apparently. The MailGuard system ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 15 July 2016 3 min read

Whaling, CEO Fraud, Business Email Compromise… Targeted spear phishing attacks continue to trouble business

The attacks can take many names, from CEO Fraud, to Whaling and Business Email ...
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Annamaria Montagnese 11 July 2016 3 min read

CyberCrime Network Behind AGL Targets Australia Post with New Cerber Ransomware Scam

In a new email scam breaking early Monday, the same cybercrime network behind the recent ...
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Daniel Graziano 06 November 2015 3 min read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) ‘Account Suspended’ Email Phishing Attack

An email phishing attack purporting to be sent from Amazon Web Services (AWS) is ...
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Daniel Graziano 27 October 2015 4 min read

Latest Online Banking Email Phishing Scams Target Westpac Customers

MailGuard have identified further variations of the fraudulent 0-day Westpac scam ...
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Daniel Graziano 06 October 2015 2 min read

Fake DHL ‘Tracking Procedure’ Malware Email Scam

MailGuard have successfully identified and blocked an email malware scam circulated by ...
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Daniel Graziano 29 September 2015 4 min read

Google Apps for Work Users Now Have Access to Premium Security

Since its inception, Google has pioneered and pushed the limits of innovation. Their ...
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Craig McDonald 23 September 2015 5 min read

Cyber Security Discussion In The Boardroom - "War Room"

The Internet of Things, brings many amazing opportunities, but also a higher risk that ...
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MailGuard Editor 17 September 2015 2 min read

Build Multi-Layered Defences Against Cyber Threats

Too many businesses put their trust in a single layer of protection when employing a ...
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