SquirtDanger: new malware targets cryptocurrency wallets & passwords

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 24 April 2018 11:32:02 AEST

Making and selling malware like viruses, trojans and ransomware has grown into a
booming industry that now generates new cyber-threats on a daily basis.

The latest malware strain to hit the blogosphere headlines has been dubbed ‘SquirtDanger.’ It’s potent spyware that can covertly record passwords, take screenshots and even steal files from infected devices.

SquirtDanger is causing alarm in the cryptocurrency world because it has the ability to infiltrate and pillage ‘crypto-wallets’; the digital caches where crypto investors keep their Bitcoin and other Blockchain currencies.

SquirtDanger was first detected by cybersecurity research group Palo Alto Networks Unit 42. The spyware has reportedly already impacted several targets including a Turkish university, an African telco and an ISP in Singapore.

At time of writing, instances of SquirtDanger malware have also been seen in attacks in France, The Netherlands, French Guinea and Russia.

The hackers responsible for the creation of SquirtDanger are allegedly working out of Russia, and have previously produced and sold other malware products on the blackmarket.


Retail cybercrime weapons

SquirtDanger is an example of MaaS;
Malware as a Service; the phenomenon of malicious software being distributed retail-style.
When a scammer sets up a crime operation nowadays, they can get all the malware tools they need through easy-access portals that look a lot like the websites of conventional software companies.

The mass-market commodification of malware has given rise to a new era of prolific cybercrime with criminals using software tools that are easy to obtain and require little expertise to use.

You can learn more about MaaS and malware threats, here.


Cybersecurity explained

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