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Apple's branding hijacked in phishing email scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 19 March 2018 16:16:16 AEDT

MailGuard has discovered a phishing scam that is using Apple branding to try and deceive victims. The scam is using a well made fake Apple login screen, which is pictured in the screenshot, above.

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‘Collaborative approach’ needed, say cybersecurity experts

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 16 March 2018 11:46:28 AEDT

‘Alone we will fail,’ was the message from Alastair MacGibbon, Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre and keynote speaker at
MailGuard’s2018 Cybersecurity Awareness Luncheon.

On Tuesday 6 March, MailGuard collaborated with PWC and Microsoft to bring together CEOs and cybersecurity experts in a forum focussed on the rise of cybercrime and the challenges it presents for business.

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Educating teams is a cybersecurity must-do

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 14 March 2018 15:50:12 AEDT

A well educated team is one of the most powerful security assets a company can have. A company can equip themselves with a suite of excellent security tools but they won’t be fully effective if the team members - from the boardroom to the shopfront - don’t understand their responsibility as individuals to support the company’s security culture. While people in management roles have no difficulty seeing the financial hazards that cybercrime presents, the technicalities are often a sticking point.

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Bogus invoice from 'Corral Photography' is actually a scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 13 March 2018 11:03:01 AEDT

There’s a nasty email scam out today that’s impersonating an Australian wedding photography company; 'Corral Photography.'

MailGuard has detected a batch of scam emails that are designed to look like invoice notifications from the photographer and contain a ‘view invoice’ link which directs the victim of the scam to a file containing malware - see screenshot, above.

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Quickbooks trademark exploited in email scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 08 March 2018 12:10:49 AEDT

MailGuard has detected a new criminal-intent email designed to look like a Quickbooks invoice notification - see screenshot above.

The objective of this sort of scam is to get the recipient to click on a link in the email that would take them to an archived file containing malware. Once the victim’s computer is infected with malware it may be used by cybercriminals in a number of ways: to mount botnet attacks, run ransomware, spy on computer networks or launch further email scams.

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Major Telcos Brandjacked in malware email scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 08 March 2018 11:44:00 AEDT

Major Australian telcos Vodafone, Telstra and Bigpond are having their brands exploited in a new email scam detected by MailGuard today.

This innocent looking message (see screenshot above) appears to be delivering a ‘wire transfer receipt’ as a .pdf attachment, but the attached document contains malicious code that is activated if the file is opened.

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Super-scammer who stole millions arrested in Europol case

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 08 March 2018 11:15:21 AEDT

A Ukrainian man, Gennadiy Kapkanov, is currently being held by Ukraine police, accused of internet scamming on a colossal scale. 

Kapkanov stands accused of masterminding the ‘Avalanche’ cybercrime syndicate. Europol reports indicate that at its height, Avalanche racked up cyber-attacks valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in the US and Europe.

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The NDB Scheme: Australia's new cybersecurity rules

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 07 March 2018 16:43:40 AEDT

In today’s global online marketplace, businesses can find customers, manage workforces and accept payments more easily than ever before and that’s great news, as long as everything works smoothly. 

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Bogus MYOB invoice links to malware in new scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 07 March 2018 15:33:23 AEDT

MailGuard has detected a new fake invoice scam today, ripping off MYOB branding.

This criminal-intent email attack is a typical example of the bogus notification type of scam. The message received by the victim is designed to look like a genuine invoice notification message, complete with MYOB trademark, but when the victim clicks on the ‘view invoice’ link they are delivered to a malware file instead.

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Fake Enviro Sweep tax invoice used in email scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 06 March 2018 15:22:39 AEDT

MailGuard has detected a new email-borne malware attack brandjacking Enviro Sweep, a South Australia based company that provides sanitation services.

The malicious email takes the form of a fake invoice notification, as shown in the screenshot above. The message comes with a .pdf attachment titled ‘tax invoice,’ which contains a link to a malware file - see below:

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Dropbox brandjacked in new phishing scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 02 March 2018 14:40:31 AEDT

MailGuard has intercepted a new zero-day email scam exploiting Dropbox branding.

As a well known and trusted company, Dropbox’s trademark is regularly used by cybercriminals as camouflage for their phishing attacks. Scammers copy the Dropbox logo onto their emails to lend authenticity to their scams, a practice known as ‘brandjacking’.

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CEO fraud attacks up 2,370% since 2015

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 01 March 2018 16:30:55 AEDT

Friday afternoon at a typical office in Sydney, Australia. Most of the staff have left to start their weekends when a junior accountant sees an email appear in her inbox. She hesitates for a moment but then she notices that it’s from the company’s CEO.

‘Are you still in the office?’ the message reads. ‘Sorry to keep you back on a Friday night, but this is urgent: I need you to make a wire transfer for me immediately in the amount of $45,000 to my broker in London.

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Malware scam: fake Ezi Office Supplies invoice

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 01 March 2018 11:43:01 AEDT

MailGuard has intercepted a new criminal-intent email that is exploiting Ezi Office Supplies branding.

You can see in the screenshot above that this scam message is well formatted and looks like a legitimate invoice notification.

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Fake eBay invoice scam linking to malware

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 28 February 2018 09:41:51 AEDT

MailGuard has detected a new criminal-intent email linking to malware. This scam message exploits fake eBay branding to deceive victims into downloading a harmful file.

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Phishing attack exploiting Office 365 branding on fake login page

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 26 February 2018 15:45:27 AEDT

A new phishing scam has been detected by MailGuard, exploiting the trademarks of 
Microsoft Office 365 and Xerox.

This criminal intent email attack takes the form of a plain text message purporting to be a Xerox document sharing notification. 

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