Emmanuel Marshall 20 August 2018 10:54:45 AEST 2 MIN READ

Fake American Express notification phishing for email passwords

The email shown above is a new phishing attack detected by MailGuard.

The message sender has used forged American Express branding to try and convince the recipient that it’s a genuine Amex statement notification.

“Your statement is now ready to view,” the message states. “You must be registered for online services to access your paperless statement. Click here now...”

The links in the message are pointed to a phishing page that is set up to harvest the scam victim’s email login credentials.

This scam message is quite well designed, and would probably deceive a lot of recipients, there is one clear indication that it is a fake.

Although the “from” field shows “American_Express_Online_Services,” the actual display address is OnlineServices@mail.ziggo.nl


What is "phishing?"

Phishing is the practice of tricking email recipients into revealing personal information that criminals can exploit for gain. 

A phishing attack message will typically include a link that will send the unwary victim to a fake login website. Once there, the user will be asked to enter username and password data which will be automatically captured by the phishing page.

Scammers use phishing pages to collect login credentials for email accounts, bank accounts, and a wide range of other online services. 


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