Fake ATO email distributes malwarenNov302016 MailGuard.jpg

Breaking: Fake ATO email distributes malware on enormous scale

Tens of thousands of Australians are at risk of downloading a virus with a single click thanks to a malware spam email designed to impersonate the ATO.... Read More

Scam avalanche continues: Origin Energy attack one of ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 22, 2017

A huge uptick in email-based fraud attempts has continued, with an enormous distribution of fake Origin Energy invoices containing malware.

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MYOB brand hijacked again in malware scam

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 21, 2017

 Australians have been urged to take a second look before viewing an online invoice purportedly issued by MYOB.

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Don’t be tempted to click fake EnergyAustralia invoice

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 20, 2017

A large volume of malicious emails impersonating EnergyAustralia emails is currently hitting inboxes.

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Too many leaders are shirking one big responsibility

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 15, 2017

 What happens if your office caught fire today? Is there a plan?

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Scammers ramp up EOFY attacks with new Origin malware ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 14, 2017

Australians are being inundated by a huge spike in malicious email attacks coinciding with the end of financial year, led by a fresh batch of Origin Energy emails harbouring malware.

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Update: Westpac brand again under attack

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 13, 2017

A huge new wave of Westpac emails is again threatening Australians’ online security – just as the bank grapples with a major online banking outage.

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“Don’t be the headline when the next one occurs”

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 9, 2017

Business leaders have urged Australian executives to stop being complacent about their exposure to online crime.

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Heads-up: Your Westpac account hasn’t really been ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jun 7, 2017

 A low-tech phishing attempt is currently targeting Westpac customers.

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Thousands targeted in NSW Roads & Maritime Services ...

By Daniel McShanag on Jun 6, 2017

Cybercriminals launched a large-scale email attack yesterday impersonating NSW Roads and Maritime Services. The attack follows last week’s ASIC scam, impersonating yet another government agency.

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Scammers impersonate government agency in new malware ...

By Jaclyn McRae on May 29, 2017

 A domain set up just yesterday is being used to impersonate ASIC via email to infect Australian computers with malware.

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Delete: NAB phishing scam currently circulating

By Jaclyn McRae on May 25, 2017

A new email scam mimicking a Big Four bank falsely tells recipients their account has been disabled.

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WannaCry: What the experts know one week on

By Daniel McShanag on May 19, 2017

It’s almost a week since we learned about the worldwide cyber attack known as WannaCry, a ransomware cryptoworm outbreak. 

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Why your cybersecurity plan needs expert oversight

By Jaclyn McRae on May 18, 2017

 Once considered the bastion of the IT department, cybersecurity has quickly surged up the chain of command to become a leadership concern.

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Infographic: Counting the costs of cybercrime

By Jaclyn McRae on May 18, 2017

 When two of the world’s biggest tech giants are each duped $100m in a phishing scam, the world takes note.

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An update on the WannaCry ransomware outbreak

By Jaclyn McRae on May 15, 2017

Security specialists around the world are still trying to track down the entry point of the WannaCry ransomware outbreak.

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