Web Malware Protection & Reporting

Web Malware Protection & Reporting

WebGuard protects business networks, and the assets they contain, by eliminating malware and viruses before they reach your network.



Secure Web Content Filtering ‘In the Cloud’

A Cloud solution, WebGuard protects business networks from ‘the Cloud’ reducing bandwidth pressures within your network. It protects you from web-based threats by filtering web-browsing, and eliminating malware and viruses before they reach your network. It provides easy management of staff Internet usage by controlling access to websites deemed unsuitable.

WebGuard allows you to block or set time limits for staff web surfing or social networking which not only costs your business financially in terms of bandwidth, but also lost productivity. Policies can be set at an organisational, group or individual level to manage staff browsing in real-time.

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Implementing WebGuard is a simple, quick process that allows you to increase your network protection with immediate effect.


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WebGuard Key Benefits

  • Zero Onsite Software or Hardware Footprint - Delivers low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Delivered as a fully managed cloud solution, WebGuard requires no hardware and no software licensing costs, and no expensive integration costs, as associated with on-premise solutions. With no technology to maintain, TCO is five to ten times less than the traditional on-site application-hosting model

  • Anti-Virus and Malware DetectionReal Time Network Protection

    WebGuard keeps viruses, files and unwanted web content outside of your network. Drawing on a comprehensive URL database, or by real-time content inspection, staff access to high-risk websites can be controlled by site categorisation.

    Delivered as a cloud solution, WebGuard's global filtering network neutralises web-based threats before they infect workstations, protecting your business from diminished network performance and data leakage.

  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement - Fast Deployment and Seamless Protection

    WebGuard requires no onsite software or hardware installation and through the use of Windows Active Directory, can be deployed in minutes to an entire organisation. In addition, authentication of users can be enabled transparently and securely using Windows NTLM.

  • Detailed Management Reporting - Drive Down Costs

    Almost every business could reduce their bandwidth usage by gaining transparency around what's being downloaded and whether it's for personal or business use. WebGuard's easy to navigate reports provide the necessary visibility around web usage and highlight where bandwidth savings can be made.

  • Improved Productivity

    WebGuard promotes increased user and IT staff productivity and a safer work environment by enabling you to set reasonable guidelines and parameters around Internet usage. Delivered as a fully managed service, WebGuard frees up time for IT management to focus on mission-critical projects rather than web security management.

  • Set Organisational, Group or Individual Policies to Manage Staff Browsing in Real Time - Enforce Corporate Compliance

    WebGuard provides protection against content-related legal liabilities and reputation-damaging web content by allowing you to put in place policies to manage and, where appropriate, restrict web browsing. These policies can block and/or report access to certain sites such as gambling, pornography and hate sites, as well as restrict access to sites such as Twitter and Facebook during certain hours.