MailGuard Email Filtering

Rapid Email Spam & Malware Protection

MailGuard proactively secures and protects networks from email-borne threats, assisting you to meet security and compliance objectives.



Multi-Layered Security ‘In the Cloud’

MailGuard proactively stops harmful viruses and spam from entering your network. It is a cloud security solution that reduces the impact on your network traffic. MailGuard filters all inbound and outbound email through multilayered protection systems located across our global data centres.

MailGuard is the most effective solution to protect your email gateway. It provides end-to-end security, delivering consistent protection against new and evolving spam and virus methods, whilst also protecting against data leakage and breaches of confidentiality.

Supported by comprehensive email usage reports, MailGuard protects against the unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information by providing a 360 degree view of your inbound and outbound email traffic.

MailGuard is a fully managed service that delivers peace of mind. Our dedicated team of security specialists and our systems are working 24 x 7 to stop email threats before they enter your network.

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MailGuard Key Benefits

  • Zero Onsite Software or Hardware Footprint - Delivers low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Delivered as a fully managed cloud security solution, MailGuard requires no hardware and no software licensing costs, and no expensive integration costs, as associated with on-premise solutions. With no technology to maintain, total cost of ownership is five to 10 times less than the traditional on-site application-hosting model.

  • Triple Layer Anti-Virus Protection 'in the Cloud' - Neutralise Threats Before They Enter the Network

    Depend on the expertise of a provider that is constantly monitoring and combating new threats to the network, in real time. MailGuard’s triple anti-virus protection is ‘in the Cloud’, eliminating threats before they impact your network, safeguarding you from slow system performance, reduced employee productivity and other business disruptions caused by spam. In addition, MailGuard provides zero hour defence, giving immediate access to updates, without the delay of downloading and testing a patch.

  • Real-Time Management Custom Policies - Complete Control

    Gain total control by having the right information at your fingertips and the ability to make immediate changes to email rules and alerts. MailGuard empowers you with the knowledge and tools to manage your email security with confidence.

  • 24-Hour Provisioning Service Level Agreement - Fast Deployment

    MailGuard is delivered as a SaaS solution and can be deployed within hours, rather than days or weeks associated with on-site email security applications

  • Automated Reporting - Enforce Corporate Compliance and Reduce Risk

    MailGuard allows you to enforce corporate governance policies by managing unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information. It also protects you from content-related legal liabilities by allowing you to manage offensive content being received and distributed across your network.

  • Extended Email Queuing and Continuity - Ensures Email is Not Lost Should your Mail Server be Unavailable

    MailGuard includes a free extended queuing service to store all emails for up to five days, ensuring no email is lost during server outage. Your email is safely delivered to you when your mail server again becomes visible to MailGuard.

  • TLS Encryption - Secure Transfer of Email Across the Internet

    MailGuard supports end-to-end email encryption and digital signing of messages. It utilises and supports TLS encryption of SMTP sessions to and from organisations with TLS supporting mail servers.

  • 24-Hour Provisioning Service Level Agreement - Performance Guaranteed

    MailGuard is governed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA). We guarantee 100% email delivery and service uptime and offers rebates if service availability falls below 100%. MailGuard’s statistical, heuristic pattern based spam analysis captures over 99% of spam and boasts a 100% known-virus capture rate.