Online Email Archiving & Real-Time Retrieval

Online Email Archiving & Real-Time Retrieval

SafeGuard secure email archiving ensures legal and regulatory compliance, together with highly reliable email storage and real-time retrieval.



The Keys to Your Past Emails - online and in real-time

More than 75% of businesses fail to adequately archive critical business information, leaving vast quantities of mail either clogging computer networks, lost in routine cleanup or destroyed due to hardware failure.

From a legal and regulatory standpoint, deleting email is potentially very dangerous for two reasons. First, email and other electronic content can contain business records, and second, the law, legal precedent and best practice require an organisation to maintain its business records.

For these reasons, every organisation, no matter what size or industry should consider an email archiving solution. By archiving old email and attachments you can recover space for current messages, saving the cost of new storage and at the same time reduce corporate risk.

SafeGuard online email archiving allows you to meet legislative requirements to store email correspondence, whilst giving peace of mind that you have retained secure copies of all email messages from your workstation or servers – regardless of whether it has been deleted.

SafeGuard provides access to an encrypted, forensically intact archive of every email sent or received by your business each month. It also offers end-user search and retrieval based on sender, recipient, date, time, subject, body and attachments, just as they were originally sent or received.

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Implementing SafeGuard is a simple, quick process that allows you to ensure legal and regulatory compliance with immediate effect. 

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SafeGuard Key Benefits

  • Tier 4 Data Centres - Highest Level of Data Security

    SafeGuard stores your email archive on geographically dispersed data centres. The underlying Tier 4 infrastructure is the highest level, designed to host business-critical data, it operates stringent security and controlled access processes.

  • Encrypted WORM Storages - Secure Data Encryption

    Our storage uses industry-leading double-encryption on WORM (Write Once, Read Many Times) architecture. This means it is not possible to delete or modify archived messages.

  • Attachment Archiving and Searching - Search Indexed Attachments

    SafeGuard indexes all text within Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents as well as PDF, HTML and Text files and any attached emails, making them fully searchable. SafeGuard archives all attachments, even if they are not indexed.

  • ‘Forensically Intact’ Email Storage - Stores Email as it is Received

    SafeGuard stores messages exactly as it receives them. It does not ‘hash’ messages, but instead stores every message in pristine condition.

  • Replay Functionality - Redistribute Email Direct from the Archive

    SafeGuard provides the ability to re-send the original email to all recipients within your company.

  • Zip Manager - Download Multiple Emails

    The Zip Manager enables a user to build up a collection of messages from multiple searches and download them as a single ZIP of EML files for easy import into your email client.

  • Unlimited Storage Capability - Stored as Long as You Need it

    Standard storage is 3 years with unlimited capacity. Longer storage durations can be provided under a retention agreement.

  • Service Level Agreement - Enterprise-Grade Assurance

    SafeGuard is governed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA). We guarantee 100% email archiving and service uptime. We ensure all of your email is available to you whenever you need it.