Is your organisation ready  for what the future holds?

Cybercrime defences are growing, but so too is the sophistication of malicious email and IT system attacks.


The average cost of a cyber attack to an Australian SMB.*

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The guide provides a non-technical insight into cybersecurity for time-poor executives. In less than 60 minutes, gain an understanding of cybersecurity and its implications for your organisation. Understand the threat to your business with real-world examples, and become familiar with cybersecurity terminology.


What experts say about the book

"Effective cybersecurity has become a key foundation for the digital transformation initiatives of government and businesses. This guide provides a clear assessment of the threat, while providing a set of very practical steps that executive leaders can take to build a modern, resilient platform for their business innovation."

James Kavanagh
National Technology Officer
Microsoft Australia

"It's important for all businesses to understand the realities of modern business risk and how really understanding the cybersecurity threat can help them to identify new opportunities for their businesses. Guides like this one help to expose these risks and help with who to partner with, so you can focus on your business."

Craig Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Cyber Security Growth Network