Fake American Express notification phishing for email passwords

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 20 August 2018 10:54:45 AEST

The email shown above is a new phishing attack detected by MailGuard.

The message sender has used forged American Express branding to try and convince the recipient that it’s a genuine Amex statement notification.

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Fake OneDrive notification

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 10 August 2018 13:34:25 AEST

If you see this message show up in your inbox, please delete it; it’s a phishing attack.

Although it’s been designed to look like an innocuous notification message, the “view completed document” link actually points to a phishing page - shown below - set up to harvest people’s email login credentials.   

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New zero-day malware attack brandjacking NAB

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 06 August 2018 13:35:14 AEST

Banks are well-trusted institutions, so when cybercriminals are looking for good trademarks to use in their email attacks they often rip-off bank branding.

This new scam email uses the NAB trademark to try and persuade recipients that it is a genuine notification message from their bank. The message tells the victim that they have been sent a “SWIFT message” as a “confirmation of payment” to their account.

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New phishing attack brandjacking Law Council of Australia

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 16 July 2018 15:39:32 AEST

MailGuard has detected a new phishing attack exploiting the trademarks of the Law Council of Australia, Office 365, Yahoo, GoDaddy, Hotmail, AOL, The Law Institute of Victoria, and many others.

This phishing attack is aimed at collecting the login names and passwords of victims.

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Quote request email is actually a malware scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 12 June 2018 11:30:19 AEST

This scam message is meant to look like a quote request and is accompanied by an attachment containing malware.

MailGuard has detected this innocuous looking message which reads “we will like to know the price and availability of the following item in attach.”

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New login data phishing scam detected

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 07 June 2018 11:50:47 AEST

If you see this email - shown above - in your inbox be warned; this message is a phishing scam designed to harvest your password and login credentials.

“Click on IT Helpdesk Tech to validate your email,” the link text in the message reads.

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Fake infringement notice scam detected

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 30 May 2018 12:34:03 AEST

MailGuard has detected a new email scam that uses fake infringement notices to try and lure victims into clicking on malicious files. 
If you see a message like the one shown above in your inbox, don’t click on the “view infringement notice” link. The link actually points to an archive file which is infected with JavaScript malware.

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This is not a real DHL email - it's a scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 22 May 2018 09:39:41 AEST

The email message shown in the screenshot above is not a genuine DHL message. While it shows DHL trademarks and graphics it is actually a phishing scam.

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Bogus NSW Government "penalty notice" email is malware scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 21 May 2018 13:35:05 AEST

MailGuard has detected a new email scam attempting to deliver malware to victim’s computers.

This malicious email - see screenshot above - is designed to look like a NSW Government “penalty notice,” using a fake “revenue.nsw.gov.au” link to try and lure victims into opening a malware-infected .doc file.

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Cryptojacking scams: malware sent in email can hijack your devices

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 18 May 2018 11:02:30 AEST

Malware is one of the most common cybercrime attack methods because it’s so profitable for cybercriminals and it can be delivered via email or compromised websites.

Ransomware and spyware have long been the most common malware types but recently, with the surges in cryptocurrency value, a new malware pandemic is appearing: cryptojacking.

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Caution: This fake 'MYOB' invoice message is a scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 16 May 2018 12:05:27 AEST

A new email fraud attack has been detected by MailGuard. 

The scammers behind this attack are exploiting MYOB’s brand name to persuade potential victims their email message is a legitimate invoice notification.

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Phishing scam aimed at stealing email login credentials

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 15 May 2018 10:48:53 AEST

MailGuard has detected an email phishing scam - see screenshot above - seeking to harvest victim’s email login data.

Cybercriminals use phished email credentials to perpetrate identity theft and steal victim’s personal data.

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New phishing scam brandjacking eFax

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 09 May 2018 16:47:18 AEST

MailGuard has detected a new phishing scam brandjacking eFax.

Brandjacking scams are a form of email fraud that exploits the branding of well-known companies to convince victims to click on malicious links or open malware infected files.

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Fake High Court notification email scam

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 03 May 2018 14:10:26 AEST

This new scam detected by MailGuard is a classic example of criminals using the name of an authority to persuade people to click on their links.

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Cybercriminals vs The World: together we can beat them

Posted by Craig McDonald on 02 May 2018 10:05:37 AEST

Why do the people working on the frontlines of cybersecurity feel that
collaboration is so important right now?

I think the answer lies in the staggering statistics on cybercrime growth that are appearing in every corporate survey released recently and stories like the Facebook and Equifax data breaches that are constantly in the headlines as well.

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