Gabi Power 01 August 2022 11:54:04 AEST 11 min read

Have You Been Scammed? Here’s Where to Report It

If you’ve fallen victim to an online scam or cyberattack, or even had a near-miss, knowing what to do next can be both scary ...

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Akankasha Dewan 24 June 2021 5 min read

Think before you click: Phishing email masquerades as new message alert from LinkedIn to trick users

MailGuard has intercepted a fraudulent email purporting to be from LinkedIn, a popular ...
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MailGuard 26 March 2021 9 min read

Almost 70% of ANZ businesses plan to increase cybersecurity spending in 2021. Here's how to get the best bang for your buck

Cybersecurity was a significant catalyst in facilitating productive remote work and ...
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Craig McDonald 23 March 2021 10 min read

Cybersecurity in 2021: Trusting in Zero Trust

Commenting on paradigm shifts in cybersecurity in 2020, Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice ...
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Craig McDonald 25 February 2021 9 min read

First Blackbaud, then SolarWinds. Supply chain cyber-attacks are proliferating – how secure is your business?

In the final weeks of 2020, news of the SolarWinds hack broke – a cyber-attack that has ...
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Craig McDonald 05 February 2021 4 min read

FTC: Reports related to identity theft doubled in 2020. This Identity Theft Awareness Week, let’s renew our efforts to protect our business data.

This week marks Identity Theft Awareness Week, a public awareness campaign by the U.S. ...
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Daniel McShanag 13 September 2018 2 min read

ANZ Scam Aims to Steal Internet Banking Credentials

ANZ Banking Group is the subject of an email phishing scam being blocked by the MailGuard ...
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Craig McDonald 16 July 2018 9 min read

Email: the skeleton key to your company’s data & dollars

Phishing Brandjacking CEO fraud All these kinds of cybercrime are perpetrated using email ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 02 May 2018 2 min read

New phishing scam uses fake Office 365 email

MailGuard has identified a new scam using a fake Office 365 notification email that links ...
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Emmanuel Marshall 01 March 2018 6 min read

CEO fraud attacks up 2,370% since 2015

Friday afternoon at a typical office in Sydney, Australia. Most of the staff have left to ...
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Daniel Graziano 04 November 2015 3 min read

Don’t Fall For This Commonwealth Bank Email Phishing Scam

MailGuard have identified and successfully blocked an email phishing attack targeting ...
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