Phishing email spoofing Netflix threatens to suspend membership; asks users for photo ID

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 25 March 2020 14:14:16 AEDT

Netflix users, don’t be alarmed if you receive an email threatening to suspend your membership and prohibiting you from watching your favourite TV shows. The popular entertainment company has once again been spoofed by cybercriminals in a phishing email scam.

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Legitimate-looking phishing email spoofing Westpac claims users’ accounts are ‘temporarily blocked’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 23 March 2020 12:44:16 AEDT

Westpac users are advised not to panic if they receive a legitimate-looking email spoofing the bank, claiming their account is ‘’temporarily blocked”.

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Phishing email cites users' email domains repeatedly to convince them their mailboxes have been 'de-activated'

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 18 March 2020 14:37:21 AEDT

Checking for personal details within an email is a common method of determining its validity, but it’s key to remember cybercriminals are aware of this too.

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Phishing email claims ‘your mailbox is almost full’ to trick users

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 17 March 2020 14:08:25 AEDT

Receiving an email about supposedly inaccessible or blocked messages can be alarming, but it doesn’t hurt to think twice about the credibility of the email – especially if it involves clicking on unknown links.

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Email scam uses fraudulent “resume” to deliver malware attack

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 16 March 2020 15:05:39 AEDT

MailGuard has identified and successfully blocked an email scam containing a malware-ridden attachment. The email was sent supposedly from a job applicant seeking employment.

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Phishing email impersonates Mailjet, claims your ‘payment has been declined’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 March 2020 15:21:20 AEDT

A new phishing email scam has been intercepted by MailGuard, this time purporting to be sent from email marketing service Mailjet.

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Email containing ‘payment advice note’ delivers malicious payload

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 11 March 2020 11:51:13 AEDT

Users are advised to be wary of an email masquerading as a ‘payment advice note’. Using a display name of ‘Accounts’, the email is in plain-text and contains no links. It is titled ‘payment advice note from 03.09.2020’.

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Sneaky Accounts Admin Invoice Scam

Posted by Daniel McShanag on 05 March 2020 13:40:01 AEDT

Be on the look-out for this sneaky email scam, pretending to be from an ‘Accounts Administrator’ named ‘Olivia Wilson.’ The simple email is text only with no links or attachments, so it will easily by-pass most email security services. The sender is relying on recipients responding to enquire about the missing invoice, at which time they will harvest the credentials of unsuspecting victims.  

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Netflix brandjacked again; phishing email uses 3-step verification to trick users

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 24 January 2020 13:12:54 AEDT

3-step verification is a common digital safety feature used by many established brands to protect sensitive data of their customers online. Because of its widespread usage, it is, ironically, also a popular tool used by cybercriminals to trick unsuspecting users.

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How do you make your passwords more secure?

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 11 October 2019 14:04:43 AEDT

It's an important question, considering weak password hygiene is still one of the top factors exploited by cybercriminals when they're looking to hack into accounts. 

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Why is being cyber-savvy & security conscious critical for today's professionals?

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 26 September 2019 17:04:18 AEST

Last month, we shared an exclusive Q&A discussion between our CEO Craig McDonald, and Angus Mansfield, Managing Director of XCentral as part of a special feature during Scams Awareness Week 2019. 

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What are YOUR cybersecurity concerns?

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 September 2019 10:10:42 AEST

$95,650,063 – the amount Australians have lost from scams this year, according to the ACCC.

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Scams Awareness Week 2019: Q&A with MailGuard and XCentral

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 16 August 2019 11:42:24 AEST

Running from 12-16 August, the ACCC’s annual Scams Awareness Week aims to minimise the impact of scams on the community by raising awareness and promoting education about ways to detect and avoid scams.

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Think your business is too smart to fall for a scam?

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 13 August 2019 12:54:48 AEST

It's an important question, considering it's highly likely that your business will get hit by a scam at some point or another. 

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Think you’re smart enough to spot an email scam?

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 02 August 2019 11:03:54 AEST


A plain-text email purporting to be from Dropbox asking you to upgrade your account. A super legitimate-looking email supposedly from Netflix directing you to sign in to unlock new benefits. A notification apparently from EnergyAustralia with your latest bill attached.

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