Phoney Proposal: Multiple Trusted Names Used in Recent Phishing Attack

Posted by MailGuard on 24 November 2021 13:41:40 AEDT

Once again, an elaborate phishing scam is the weapon of choice for cybercriminals aiming to take advantage of the weakest link in the security landscape – human beings. A recent attack has taken inspiration from history by using ‘Project Zebra’, the name given to the top-secret mission between Stalin and Roosevelt (with the aim of flying a state-of-the-art amphibious warplane) as the subject of a malicious email impersonating an employee at international engineering, design and advisory firm ‘Aurecon’. The email currently intercepted by MailGuard uses a direct interaction phishing tactic designed to entice the victim into submitting a job proposal by creating a highly personalised email from an unsuspecting Aurecon employee. It is possible that these details have either been found publicly or from a leaked database.  

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Australia Post Scams Circulating Just in Time for Black Friday Sales

Posted by MailGuard on 22 November 2021 16:19:22 AEDT

The holiday season is upon us, and cybercriminals are making the most of the anticipation of consumers who are eagerly awaiting orders, with parcel delivery scams that are designed to steal your credentials. MailGuard is currently intercepting multiple fraudulent phishing emails, claiming to be from Australia Post.

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Scammers Lure Telstra Customers with 'Your new refund' Phishing Email In Time For the Holidays

Posted by MailGuard on 18 November 2021 13:26:24 AEDT

The latest phishing scam being intercepted by MailGuard is targeting Telstra customers with a hopeful, ‘Your new refund’ message aimed to lure unsuspecting victims into providing scammers with sensitive information, including login and credit card information. Cybercriminals are aware that it is nearing the end of the year and holiday season, where there is a natural tightening of finances, and have taken the opportunity to mark vulnerable customers who would be delighted with receiving a refund. As a trusted name and telecommunications service provider for over 18 million customers, there is a high chance that victims will not think twice before continuing with the scammer's request.

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Fake 'Validate Your Account' Phishing Email Targets Outlook Users

Posted by MailGuard on 17 November 2021 13:09:54 AEDT

Microsoft Outlook users should take care when receiving an email asking them to ‘validate your account’ – this is a phishing attempt by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive credentials, including your email login and password. With over 400 million Outlook customers using email as part of their daily tasks, it is highly likely that unsuspecting victims will fall prey to this phishing attempt, if not vigilant.  

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Be Alert for a Microsoft Update Email Scam

Posted by MailGuard on 11 November 2021 12:41:25 AEDT

If you are one of the 300M+ users around the globe, be alert for an email scam that is targeting users claiming that an update is required.

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Scams Week 2021: Let's Talk Scams with Delia Rickard

Posted by MailGuard on 08 November 2021 14:22:48 AEDT

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.44.35 pmWe would like to thank the ACCC for providing us with this valuable interview with ACCC Deputy Chair, Delia Rickard, discussing tips on how to have a conversation about scams with our networks. While her comments are primarily geared towards consumers and individuals, it’s important to note that businesses and their employees can be vulnerable too.

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Netflix Subscribers Spoofed with Fake Account Suspension Email Alert

Posted by MailGuard on 04 November 2021 13:15:58 AEDT

Netflix customers must remain vigilant, with a phishing email landing in inboxes, claiming that your account has been suspended. Once again, scammers have imitated the popular streaming service, in an attempt to steal sensitive credentials, including login details and credit card information to sell on the dark web and use in follow-on criminal campaigns. With millions of subscribers worldwide, it is highly likely that unsuspecting users will fall prey to this scam.

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Telstra Customers Targeted by Scammers with Urgent ‘Service Interruption’ Alert

Posted by MailGuard on 28 October 2021 12:12:00 AEDT

A fraudulent phishing email, designed to steal sensitive credentials including credit card details, has landed in inboxes purporting to be from Telstra.  The email alerts users that their last bill payment has been declined and that they are at risk of having their phone or internet services disrupted. As a large company with a trusted brand and millions of customers, Telstra is a popular target for threat actors hawking phishing scams of this kind. Details harvested from a scam of this nature may be used in subsequent criminal activity such as for fraudulent payments or sold on the dark web to other cybercriminal groups. Users must remain vigilant.  

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Phishing Scam Aims to Lure Victims with Office 365 'Password Expiry Notice'

Posted by MailGuard on 28 October 2021 12:03:17 AEDT

A men’s lifestyle and shopping blog are among a number of businesses compromised in the latest phishing scam intercepted by MailGuard, targeting Microsoft Office 365 users. Cybercriminals warn victims that their password is expiring, and if not rectified, they threaten those users will lose access to their Office 365 account. With more than 300 million users worldwide requiring immediate access to their Microsoft 365 services for daily work purposes, it is likely that unsuspecting victims will fall prey to the scam.  

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Phishing Email Shares Fake Invoice via Microsoft SharePoint

Posted by MailGuard on 25 October 2021 16:19:47 AEDT

Careful inspecting any emails claiming to share an invoice via Microsoft SharePoint. MailGuard is currently intercepting a phishing attempt by cybercriminals purporting to share an invoice, designed to steal sensitive data, including Microsoft 365 login details, and potentially install malware on networks. With over 190 million users, across 200,000 businesses who use Microsoft SharePoint daily to share documents, there is a high likelihood unsuspecting users may fall prey to this scam.  

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Beware: Fake DHL Phishing Email Claims 'Your shipment is on its way'

Posted by MailGuard on 21 October 2021 16:46:52 AEDT

Recipients of an email with the subject, ‘Your shipment is on its way’ purporting to be from ‘DHL Customer Care’, are strongly advised to not click onlinks asking them to retrieve any parcels awaiting them. The email is likely to bea phishing attempt by cybercriminals, aiming to steal credentials and potentially install malware on your network. 

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Convincing Office 365 Phishing Email Warns Users of ‘Fraudulent Activities’

Posted by MailGuard on 20 October 2021 09:32:13 AEDT

MailGuard has intercepted a phishing email warning users that their Office 365 registration needs to be verified within 48 hours, or else risk having their account suspended.  With millions of businesses and individuals using (Microsoft) Office 365 globally for their daily tasks and communications, it is highly likely that a lack of vigilance will result in cybercriminals stealing credentials for later criminal use, such as identity theft, BEC, sold on the dark web and more.  

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Fundamentals for Shoring Up Phishing Defences from the NCSA

Posted by MailGuard on 14 October 2021 17:08:38 AEDT

We would like to thank the National Cyber Security Alliance for providing the following valuable information to help protect from phishing threats. 

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“Email Password Expired” Hook in Phishing Email Scam

Posted by MailGuard on 14 October 2021 14:36:34 AEDT

No business is immune from a cyber-attack, as is the case with this recent phishing scam intercepted by MailGuard. Scammers are targeting victims with an email titled, ‘Warning: Your email password has expired’. Recipients of this email are advised to be cautious before clicking on any links. Cybercriminals use social engineering tactics such as phishing to trick innocent victims into providing them with data to further their criminal activity.  

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‘Fierce Majeure Policy Review’ HR Email Scam Targeting Microsoft Users

Posted by MailGuard on 13 October 2021 14:57:59 AEDT

Cybercriminals have targeted unsuspecting victims with a phishing email purporting to be from the Human Resources Department of their respective employer. The scam uses multiple methods of redirection to the phishing site, with the use of highly accurate Microsoft branding, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. With over 190 million people across the globe using SharePoint alone, users need to remain extremely vigilant and think twice before downloading any unfamiliar files or clicking on suspicious links, as this could allow threat actors to steal your credentials and potentially install malware, leading to a myriad of other criminal activity.  

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