Australia Post “Package Pending Status” Phishing Scam

Posted by MailGuard on 05 January 2022 14:01:36 AEDT

A new Australia Post email phishing scam seeks to take advantage of the recent rush of deliveries over the Christmas and New Year break, and with many more Australians still isolating and reliant on online orders due to the continuing spectre of COVID19, they could easily fall prey for the scam. It advises recipients that a shipment is awaiting instructions, with a small fee of $1.99 (AUD) now due.


Sent from ‘Austpost’, the sender name is spoofing Australia Post with the actual sender address of ‘toolbox(at)registr(dot)com’, and an email subject reading, ‘Package pending status!’.

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Dangerous Australia Post Parcel Delivery Scam Attempts to Steal Customer Credentials

Posted by MailGuard on 06 December 2021 13:52:31 AEDT

A nasty parcel delivery scam purporting to be from Australia Post is currently being blocked by MailGuard. With the festive season well and truly upon us, combined with the increase in parcel deliveries due to COVID related restrictions that are still in place nation-wide with customers eagerly awaiting packages, there is no shortage of phishing attempts by cybercriminals who are taking full advantage to steal sensitive credentials for follow-on criminal activity. It’s imperative that Australia Post customers remain vigilant upon receiving any communication pertaining to deliveries, especially one’s that you are not expecting.  

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Australia Post Scams Circulating Just in Time for Black Friday Sales

Posted by MailGuard on 22 November 2021 16:19:22 AEDT

The holiday season is upon us, and cybercriminals are making the most of the anticipation of consumers who are eagerly awaiting orders, with parcel delivery scams that are designed to steal your credentials. MailGuard is currently intercepting multiple fraudulent phishing emails, claiming to be from Australia Post.

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Warning: Phishing email purporting to be from Australia Post claims your parcel will be returned

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 04 June 2021 11:56:02 AEST

Australia Post continues to be popular among cybercriminals looking to trick users, especially as we approach the End of Financial Year (EOFY).

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Don’t be fooled: Phishing email masquerading as delivery alert leads to fake Australia Post-branded pages

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 14 May 2021 13:47:19 AEST

Parcel-delivery scams continue targeting inboxes as the End of Financial Year (EOFY) approaches. MailGuard has intercepted a new phishing email scam that purports to be a delivery alert, ultimately leading to fraudulent pages employing Australia Post’s branding.

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Beware: Australia Post impersonated in phishing email scam; users asked to confirm payment

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 08 October 2020 15:08:03 AEDT


Government business enterprise Australia Post is the subject of a phishing email scam intercepted by MailGuard.

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Cybercriminals replicate Australia Post website in sophisticated malware attack

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 10 January 2017 14:59:18 AEDT

 A massive run of scam Australia Post emails is bombarding inboxes with malware, with a clever ploy designed to evade virus-detection software.

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Mistakes let down new ransomware email impersonating Australia Post

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 15 November 2016 17:11:08 AEDT

 Poor grammar lets down a large-scale hoax Australia Post email that aims to install ransomware by stealth.

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No surprises as spear-phishing and ransomware lead cyber threats

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 12 October 2016 17:41:15 AEDT

 Spear-phishing and ransomware are the most common cyber techniques used to exploit Australians, a new cybercrime threat report has revealed.

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Breaking: Microsoft brand again centre of cyber scam

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 09 September 2016 12:29:59 AEST

The world’s biggest brand names are being used to trick people into handing over sensitive personal and financial information. 

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Going postal. Email scams target Australia Post & New Zealand Post customers with Cerber Ransomware

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 11 August 2016 17:23:20 AEST

Over the course of 48 hrs cybercriminals have distributed an email scam targeting customers of Australia Post and the New Zealand Post.

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CyberCrime Network Behind AGL Targets Australia Post with New Cerber Ransomware Scam

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 11 July 2016 17:23:22 AEST

In a new email scam breaking early Monday, the same cybercrime network behind the recent AGL attacks appear to have moved their focus to Australia Post. The email claims that a package was unable to be delivered because nobody was home, and asks recipients to click a link.

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High volume attacks breaking over the past 24hrs – AustraliaPost, ANZ, Google & AFP

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 18 May 2016 16:22:50 AEST

Over the past 24 hours MailGuard has blocked a number of high volume phishing scams that are targeting over 10,000 users at a time. Many of these attacks are ongoing.

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New AusPost Attack: Scammers Change Tactics – From Crypto Ransomware to Trojan Malware

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 05 May 2016 16:43:37 AEST

Cyber criminals have crafted an almost identical email to previous and very recent phishing runs impersonating AusPost.

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Circulating Now – Crypto Ransomware Delivered Through Fake AusPost Phishing Scam Today

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 06 April 2016 12:48:08 AEST

Any Australian who is receiving emails purportedly from Australia Post needs to be wary. Yet another email scam has hit email users en-masse today. We have identified several new Fake AusPost emails as malicious and are urging people to be aware.

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