Phishing Email Shares Fake Invoice via Microsoft SharePoint

Posted by MailGuard on 25 October 2021 16:19:47 AEDT

Careful inspecting any emails claiming to share an invoice via Microsoft SharePoint. MailGuard is currently intercepting a phishing attempt by cybercriminals purporting to share an invoice, designed to steal sensitive data, including Microsoft 365 login details, and potentially install malware on networks. With over 190 million users, across 200,000 businesses who use Microsoft SharePoint daily to share documents, there is a high likelihood unsuspecting users may fall prey to this scam.  

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‘Fierce Majeure Policy Review’ HR Email Scam Targeting Microsoft Users

Posted by MailGuard on 13 October 2021 14:57:59 AEDT

Cybercriminals have targeted unsuspecting victims with a phishing email purporting to be from the Human Resources Department of their respective employer. The scam uses multiple methods of redirection to the phishing site, with the use of highly accurate Microsoft branding, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. With over 190 million people across the globe using SharePoint alone, users need to remain extremely vigilant and think twice before downloading any unfamiliar files or clicking on suspicious links, as this could allow threat actors to steal your credentials and potentially install malware, leading to a myriad of other criminal activity.  

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Check Twice: Microsoft SharePoint Mimicked in 'Board Approved Payroll' Email Scam

Posted by MailGuard on 03 September 2021 11:51:26 AEST

The latest phishing attack intercepted by MailGuard begins with a scam email purporting to be via popular collaboration tool, SharePoint. As workforces become more remote, it is common for employees to send confidential business documents to one another, and with over 200 million users of Microsoft SharePoint, there is a high likelihood unsuspecting victims will fall for the scam.  

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Watch Out: Phishing email sent from compromised account claims to share a ‘secure’ document via Microsoft SharePoint

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 18 June 2021 12:28:20 AEST

Launching phishing email scams via compromised accounts continues to be a popular technique among cybercriminals looking to deceive users. MailGuard has intercepted a new phishing email scam that originates from a compromised email account belonging to a user at Anglican Care, an aged care facility.

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