A simple and proven way for SMBs to achieve email compliance

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 31 May 2012 01:35:00 AEST

One area having particular impact on SMB compliance is IT and email. In many industries across Australia, business must meet compliance mandates requiring storage of current and past information. As email systems have matured, so have demands for compliance. But at the same time, the sheer volume of email traffic and file size has presented a much greater strain on IT departments to stay ahead in the game.

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What is Security as a Service (SaaS)?

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 15 May 2012 02:42:00 AEST


Security-as-a-Service (a.k.a. Software-as-a-Service), often referred to as cloud security is a delivery model for security management solutions.

Traditionally, security solutions for business such as virus protection and spam filtering were delivered locally by appliances with in-house responsibility to ensure that all security updates and policies were properly installed and maintained. This of course involved upfront costs in hardware and ongoing costs for software licences.

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What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 11 May 2012 20:43:00 AEST

A Service Level Agreement – commonly abbreviated to SLA – is a vital part of any service contract. It formally defines the minimum level of service a customer requires from their provider. Service Level Agreements are very common across a number of industries; for example, you are likely to have an SLA with your internet service provider outlining the performance levels they must meet.

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How cloud security reduces the threat of fast breaking viruses

Posted by MailGuard on 03 April 2012 20:11:00 AEST

On Thursday March 15th, a cloud security specialist at MailGuard identified a fast breaking virus that was not being detected by most end-point anti-virus software. The suspect email contained a message from an Eastern European resident looking for love and friendship. The intention was to lure recipients into browsing what they thought would be pictures of the lonely heart, when in actual fact they were executing malware.

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