PayPal impersonated in phishing scam; email claims to offer refund on a recent payment

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 26 October 2020 19:23:10 AEDT

Global online payments system PayPal is once again the subject of a multi-staged phishing email scam.

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Don’t fall for this new PayPal scam in the holiday rush

Posted by Daniel McShanag on 24 December 2019 10:34:54 AEDT

On the eve of Christmas and the holiday festive period, a new email phishing scam is arriving in inboxes masquerading as PayPal. The HTML email which claims to come from ‘PayPal Support’ has the subject ‘[Urgent] Account Verification Required’ and it alerts recipients that ‘We noticed some unusual activity’ on your account.

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Phishing email impersonating Spotify claims ‘your payment didn’t go through’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 05 December 2019 14:26:08 AEDT

Receiving an urgent email from one of the world’s leading brands may cause you to sit up and take notice, but sometimes it also calls for a critical need to be more vigilant before taking action.

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Warning: This invoice attachment contains a phishing scam

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 17 October 2019 11:33:59 AEDT

Invoices can be very costly indeed – and not always in the traditional sense. A recent phishing invoice email scam detected by MailGuard is designed to trick victims into revealing their confidential data.

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Scam Alert: Phishing email spoofing Telstra uses ‘$500 gift card reward’ to trick users

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 15 October 2019 16:41:13 AEDT

MailGuard has discovered a phishing email scam that is targeting inboxes across Australia.

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Email containing ‘audio file’ attachment delivers phishing attack

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 10 October 2019 11:04:06 AEDT

MailGuard has detected a new phishing email scam that uses an ‘audio file’ to deliver a phishing attack.

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Phishing email spoofing Commonwealth Bank uses multi-factor authentication to trick users

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 08 October 2019 16:27:39 AEDT

Exercise caution if you receive an email supposedly from Commonwealth Bank – the bank has been spoofed via a new multi-staged phishing email scam. The hallmark of this scam lies in not only how well-crafted it is, but how it ironically utilises multiple safety features to steal confidential data of users.

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Emails purporting to be from PayPal hit inboxes; suspected to contain phishing links

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 04 October 2019 13:58:07 AEST

MailGuard has intercepted multiple variations of an email scam impersonating global online payments system, PayPal. Sent via malicious domains originating overseas, these emails contain links that are suspected to harvest users’ confidential details.

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Phishing email supposedly from Westpac reminds users of the ‘end of tax season’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 30 September 2019 17:03:25 AEST

Cybercriminals have once again exploited Westpac Bank’s trademarks in a phishing email scam.

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Shipping notification spoofing Qantas is actually a phishing email scam

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 23 September 2019 16:31:46 AEST

It might sound exciting to receive an email announcing an unexpected gift, but don’t be too quick to follow its instructions – your surprise might just turn into a bit of a shock.

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Phishing email brandjacks Netflix; claims users’ subscriptions are ‘canceled’

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 20 September 2019 16:53:59 AEST

Netflix users, don’t panic if you receive an email claiming your Netflix subscription has been cancelled. The popular entertainment company has once again been spoofed by cybercriminals in a phishing email scam.

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Phishing email impersonating PayPal informs users of "account limitations"

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on 20 September 2019 11:20:49 AEST

MailGuard has intercepted a phishing email scam impersonating global online payments system, PayPal. The scam was first detected on Thursday 19th September around midday (AEST).

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Fake Netflix and PayPal Scams - Weekly MailGuard Digest

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 10 November 2017 17:02:10 AEDT


Another Busy Week on the Frontlines of Cybercrime Prevention

There's no rest for cyber-crime-fighters. Criminals are firing out emails at the rate of millions a minute, so keeping our client's inboxes clean and safe is a non-stop job. 

Yesterday, our CEO Craig McDonald published a post addressing the notorious fake Netflix email scam that's sweeping across the net. 
Our systems first detected this latest barrage of fake Netflix emails on Friday of last week 
and promptly stopped the malicious emails from entering our client’s inboxes. 

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Breaking: Bold PayPal scam phishes for passwords, bank details and ATM pin

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 20 September 2016 15:50:00 AEST

A brazen new PayPal phishing email attempts to steal a range of private information including ATM pins and credit card details.

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Breaking: Realistic phishing scam again preys on PayPal users

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 01 September 2016 17:17:45 AEST

A fake website designed to mimic the official PayPal site is being used in a ploy to steal recipients’ log-in details and credit card information.

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