Fake Netflix and PayPal Scams - Weekly MailGuard Digest

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 10 November 2017 17:02:10 AEDT


Another Busy Week on the Frontlines of Cybercrime Prevention

There's no rest for cyber-crime-fighters. Criminals are firing out emails at the rate of millions a minute, so keeping our client's inboxes clean and safe is a non-stop job. 

Yesterday, our CEO Craig McDonald published a post addressing the notorious fake Netflix email scam that's sweeping across the net. 
Our systems first detected this latest barrage of fake Netflix emails on Friday of last week 
and promptly stopped the malicious emails from entering our client’s inboxes. 

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Breaking: Bold PayPal scam phishes for passwords, bank details and ATM pin

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 20 September 2016 15:50:00 AEST

A brazen new PayPal phishing email attempts to steal a range of private information including ATM pins and credit card details.

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Breaking: Realistic phishing scam again preys on PayPal users

Posted by Jaclyn McRae on 01 September 2016 17:17:45 AEST

A fake website designed to mimic the official PayPal site is being used in a ploy to steal recipients’ log-in details and credit card information.

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Breaking: New PayPal Scam Leverages MailChimp Brand and URL

Posted by Annamaria Montagnese on 28 April 2016 10:00:56 AEST

MailGuard first detected and blocked the scam, which has cyber criminals impersonating PayPal in a bid to steal login and banking credentials from victims.

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What’s In A Name? - How Email Scams Are Impacting Big Brand Customer Relationships

Posted by Craig McDonald on 23 March 2016 17:17:18 AEDT

There is an old adage that it takes years to build a good reputation and mere seconds to destroy it. But what if you’re a big business whose reputation has sustained damage from elements outside of your control?

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Breaking: New Paypal Phishing Scam Now Circulating

Posted by Richard Price on 29 February 2016 17:28:19 AEDT

Beware of a new PayPal phishing scam that’s hitting inboxes today.

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Sham PayPal email scam targets online shoppers

Posted by Richard Price on 28 January 2016 09:59:26 AEDT

A fake PayPal phishing scam which fools users into surrendering their personal details is currently in circulation.

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Latest Email Phishing Scams Targeting PayPal Users

Posted by Daniel Graziano on 22 October 2015 15:57:00 AEDT

Another day, another PayPal email scam.

MailGuard have intercepted and blocked two further variations of this age-old phishing scam targeting PayPal users.

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Account Verification Hoax Email Phishing Scams Targeting PayPal Customers

Posted by Daniel Graziano on 12 October 2015 16:31:15 AEDT

MailGuard have identified and successfully blocked a recent run of email phishing attacks purporting to be from PayPal targeting PayPal users.

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Zero Day Email Phishing Scam Targeting PayPal Customers

Posted by Daniel Graziano on 30 September 2015 17:10:48 AEST

A recent email phishing run purporting to be from PayPal is targeting PayPal users with an identity theft scam. If successful, the victim is vulnerable to having their PayPal account hijacked, their credit card credentials used to make fraudulent purchases and their identity stolen.

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