Gabi Power 01 August 2022 11:54:04 AEST 11 min read

Have You Been Scammed? Here’s Where to Report It

If you’ve fallen victim to an online scam or cyberattack, or even had a near-miss, knowing what to do next can be both scary ...

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Gabi Power 04 August 2022 15 min read

What Does the Updated ‘Security of Critical Infrastructure Act’ Mean for Your Business?

As of the 8th of July 2022, a 3-month grace period has ended and businesses in specified ...
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Craig McDonald 22 June 2022 10 min read

Does Committing Cybercrime for Good Outweigh the Criminal Aspect?

Cybercrime for good – it seems like an oxymoron, yet it’s surprisingly common. Sometimes ...
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Gabi Power 30 May 2022 3 min read

Welcome to the Team, Afia (Affy) Lodi!

This month, MailGuard is delighted to welcome our newest team member, Afia (Affy) Lodi!  
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Gabi Power 26 May 2022 9 min read

Is Multi-Factor Authentication Still Effective in Preventing Cyberattacks?

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MailGuard 20 May 2022 4 min read

Should Corporate Boards Be Required to Disclose the Cybersecurity Expertise of Directors?

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Gabi Power 03 May 2022 3 min read

Small Biz Bonus with Govt. Tech Investment Boost

After a tough couple of years, small businesses were shown some support in the Australian ...
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Gabi Power 02 May 2022 3 min read

Reminder: Mandatory Critical Infrastructure Incident Reporting Now in Effect

The Australian Government has now made cyber security incident reporting mandatory for ...
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MailGuard 31 March 2022 8 min read

10 Shocking Statistics from the FBI’s Internet Crime Report

Last week, the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released their annual Internet ...
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MailGuard 31 March 2022 5 min read

What is phishing? A quick explainer guide

If your business is in Managed IT Services or Cybersecurity, phishing and spear phishing ...
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Craig McDonald 21 February 2022 10 min read

10 Predictions That Will Change the Way You Work in 2022

How do you know if your business is ready to survive and thrive in 2022? Who knows what ...
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Craig McDonald 17 February 2022 6 min read

5 Tips for Senior Executives and Board Members on Cybersecurity

By now, it’s no secret that cybersecurity needs to be top of mind for every executive and ...
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Craig McDonald 04 February 2022 5 min read

Shifting Threat Tactics and Opportunities in the “New Business Normal”

The move to fully remote and hybrid working environments, although unprecedented in ...
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Craig McDonald 27 January 2022 7 min read

Should private companies be allowed to hit back at the hackers?

There has been much discussion recently about the merits of private companies going on ...
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Craig McDonald 25 January 2022 7 min read

The Year That Was: Looking Back On Our Top 4 Poll Topics

Looking back, 2021 was a pivotal year for everyone, and particularly for those of us in ...
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Craig McDonald 16 December 2021 7 min read

Part 2: The Debate Rages On, Should Ransomware Payments Be Illegal?

It’s one of the most contentious topics facing businesses and cybersecurity professionals ...
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