Fake ATO email distributes malwarenNov302016 MailGuard.jpg

Breaking: Fake ATO email distributes malware on enormous scale

Tens of thousands of Australians are at risk of downloading a virus with a single click thanks to a malware spam email designed to impersonate the ATO.... Read More

Why CFOs are the new honeypot for cybercriminals

By Jaclyn McRae on Mar 21, 2017

Less than 60 seconds. That’s all it takes for someone in a faraway place to infiltrate your system and raid your data, should you click the wrong email link.

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Phishing scams are becoming ever more sophisticated – ...

By Emma Williams and Debi Ashenden on Mar 16, 2017

 Companies are bombarded with phishing scams every day.

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Alert: Ransomware hidden in fake ASIC renewal notice

By Jaclyn McRae on Mar 6, 2017

 Australians have been warned to avoid clicking a malicious email purporting to be from ASIC.

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Pay $1.04 or else: Bizarre scam attempt aims to pique ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Feb 22, 2017

 Received a strange parking fine in your inbox this morning?

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Breaking: Don’t click high-risk ATO scam email

By Jaclyn McRae on Feb 20, 2017

A huge run of fake ATO emails is putting computers at risk.

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Alphabet trick helps fake Apple email evade detection

By Jaclyn McRae on Feb 17, 2017

A new Apple phishing scam tries to trick people into handing over their log-in information using a font-substitution tactic designed to avoid virus software detection.

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Eight astute messages from Data61’s new fintech + ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Feb 2, 2017

 Australian banks are beating US counterparts when it comes to adopting new digital technology including cybersecurity – but there’s still progress to be made, according to a new report.

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High-risk Citibank fraud email puts bank accounts in ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 30, 2017

 Australian customers of Citibank are urged to delete a fraud email being distributed this morning, or risk having their money siphoned.

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Don't click: Cybercriminals impersonate ASIC to ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 25, 2017

 A fake email allegedly from ASIC is disseminating malware on a significant scale.

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False sense of security: Beware of dodgy AMEX phishing ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 23, 2017

The scammers behind a new fake AMEX phishing attack, distributed this afternoon, enlist a sneaky new tactic to boost their click-rate.

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Fake parcel email scam mimicking DHL does the rounds

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 20, 2017

 A fake DHL email containing malware is putting Australian inboxes at risk.

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Watch a single click become a company-wide catastrophe

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 19, 2017

It’s lunchtime, but Stephen is behind after the holiday break. He grabs a sandwich, returns to his desk, has a quick browse of Facebook and checks his personal email before getting back to his to-do list.

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Cybercriminals replicate Australia Post website in ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Jan 10, 2017

 A massive run of scam Australia Post emails is bombarding inboxes with malware, with a clever ploy designed to evade virus-detection software.

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Malicious Commonwealth Bank fraud email targets ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Dec 21, 2016

 Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been targeted by a fake Commonwealth Bank email designed to infect recipients with malware.

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Breaking: New batch of malicious fake ATO emails hits ...

By Jaclyn McRae on Dec 15, 2016

Tens of thousands of Australians have again been targeted by a fake ATO email containing malware.

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