Gabi Power Jul 6, 2022 9:45:28 AM 10 min read

How to Avoid Vishing & Smishing Scams as Attacks Continue to Rise

In early 2021, the FBI issued a notice which warned that both domestic and international companies were seeing a sharp increase ...

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Akankasha Dewan Nov 28, 2019 4 min read

Don't let your clients get scammed this silly (shopping) season

Click Frenzy in November marks the start of online Christmas season shopping in ...
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Akankasha Dewan Oct 24, 2019 6 min read

4 ways to prepare your clients for handling a data breach

As IT consultants, the responsibility we hold in guiding our clients to help them build ...
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Akankasha Dewan Oct 24, 2019 3 min read

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Building a data security framework

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM). This effort was brought to life through ...
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Craig McDonald Sep 26, 2019 7 min read

Do you know who is accessing your clients' company data right now?

It might be your clients' CFO, reviewing transactions for the monthly executive payroll.  
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Craig McDonald Aug 29, 2019 11 min read

Reminder: Both big AND small businesses are a target of cybercrime

I was going to begin this blog by posing a question to you about ‘How high cybersecurity ...
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Craig McDonald Jul 29, 2019 8 min read

Mind Hack; taking advantage of human psychology, emotions and errors

Imagine a company with the most experienced cybersecurity team, and the best software and ...
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Craig McDonald Jun 21, 2019 10 min read

Do you know who’s really set to get the best return this EOFY?

The End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is upon us; a time for ensuring your accounting ...
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Craig McDonald May 21, 2019 6 min read

Celebrating 18 super years in cloud email security. What a ride! But hold on to your seat, we’re just getting started.

The power of the pioneering spirit
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Craig McDonald Apr 18, 2019 7 min read

This Easter, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to cybersecurity

Here at MailGuard, we’ve often seen a spike in online shopping related cyberattacks every ...
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Craig McDonald Apr 18, 2019 11 min read

The 6 questions your clients should be asking their CISOs in 2019

As IT consultants, we are given the responsibility of guiding our clients and helping ...
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Craig McDonald Mar 28, 2019 17 min read

Do your clients have a cybersecurity budget? Here’s how you can help them create one

Do you go on holidays without buying travel insurance? I sure don’t. When I’m in ...
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Craig McDonald Feb 20, 2019 7 min read

Are your clients prepared to handle a sudden email outage? Today?

What would be the consequence if you or your clients' business emails were not accessible ...
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Craig McDonald Dec 3, 2018 8 min read

Silly (Shopping) Season is Upon Us

It’s officially silly (shopping) season. As crazy hot sales and year-end promotions start ...
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