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Twice as many leading Microsoft partners

choose MailGuard for their own

cloud email security over other vendors.

No business is immune from cyber attacks

Five cybersecurity incidents occur every hour in Australia, costing the Australian economy $29 billion annually.* Cyber security should be a strategic priority for all of your clients.

Email remains the most dangerous threat vector, being the source of 91% of all cyber breaches. Even if your clients have Office 365, experts recommend a multi-layered approach to protect users against advanced criminal intent email.


Trusted by the experts

In a sample of 557 leading Microsoft Partners in Australia, 21% of those who use a cloud email security other than Office 365, choose MailGuard to protect their own email users. That's more than twice as many that opt for, Mimecast, Proofpoint or Barracuda.

MailGuard's premium cloud email filtering solution detects and blocks fast-breaking, zero-day threats consistently 2 to 48 hours ahead of the market. Our advanced protection against malware, spam, phishing, spear phishing and CEO fraud makes us popular with IT resellers and managed service providers.

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*Frost & Sullivan, 2018

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