MailGuard 22 April 2024 11:42:40 AEST 6 min read

Australia Post Email Scam – Check Twice Before Clicking That Link

“A package has been received for you”, claims this email inviting recipients to “…complete the process for successful ...

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Blog Post by Gabi Power

Gabi Power 19 May 2023 10 min read

Spotify Payment Failed? It Could be a Scam

Spotify is the number one audio streaming service globally, boasting 515 million users, ...
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Gabi Power 05 May 2023 7 min read

Microsoft Scam Warns Users: ‘Password Authentication Required’

Security-focused businesses often use passwords with expirations in the hopes that if an ...
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Gabi Power 28 April 2023 6 min read

Scammers Look to Steal Microsoft Credentials in New DHL Phishing Email

MailGuard is now blocking a new phishing scam that impersonates DHL in an email that has ...
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Gabi Power 26 April 2023 13 min read

Craig McDonald Talks Cybersecurity with Karalee Katsambanis on 6PR

On the 24th of April, MailGuard’s Founder & CEO, Craig McDonald, was invited by ...
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Gabi Power 21 April 2023 17 min read

1 in 14 Million: My Experience with the Latitude Data Breach

As a communications professional working in the cybersecurity industry, I’m well-versed ...
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Gabi Power 12 April 2023 9 min read

Aramex Scam Email Warns of Unpaid Customs Duties

At MailGuard, we are constantly intercepting and blocking new phishing emails that ...
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Gabi Power 11 April 2023 11 min read

5 Tips to Help Protect Your Digital Identity

As high-profile data breaches and cyberattacks have continued to become more frequent and ...
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Gabi Power 06 April 2023 5 min read

Scammers Targeting Microsoft Office Users with Quarantined Email Scam

Over the past few months, the MailGuard team has noticed an abundance of phishing emails ...
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Gabi Power 04 April 2023 11 min read

Waiting on a package? Don’t fall for this Australia Post scam

In 2022, Australia Post delivered 2.7 billion items, making it one of the biggest ...
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Gabi Power 23 February 2023 10 min read

Australia Post Scam Demands $4.92 Payment for “Address Correction Service”

Recent studies have shown that nearly 80% of internet users worldwide are opting to shop ...
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Gabi Power 17 February 2023 5 min read

Fake DocuSign Email Alert Attempts to Steal Microsoft Passwords

A crafty new scam is doing the rounds, which targets unsuspecting employees and tricks ...
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Gabi Power 02 February 2023 6 min read

Don’t be Fooled by PayPal Money Requests

With more than 430 million users worldwide, PayPal is one of the most popular payment ...
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Gabi Power 31 January 2023 16 min read

ChatGPT: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it was first released in late November 2022, ChatGPT became an overnight sensation. ...
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Gabi Power 30 January 2023 11 min read

Millions of Medicare Customers Targeted in myGov Email Scam

Have you received an email with the subject line “Your Medicare Claims from MyGov”? Look ...
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Gabi Power 09 January 2023 6 min read

New Scam Email Promises myGov Refund of $640.98

After Christmas and New Year’s, who couldn’t use a bit of extra cash? Cybercriminals are ...
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