The Rise of Cybercrime

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant issues facing business today. With more than 205 billion emails sent throughout the world every day, that's more than 1 trillion messages each week, and growing. Combined with more than 2.307 billion social media users throughout the world, the explosion in personal and professional data makes a hotbed for cybercrime networks.

It's hardly surprising that the rate of cybercrime increased by 270% in 2015, with 9 out of 10 enterprises reporting that they were impacted by spear-phishing, and 60% of businesses who experience cybercrime out of business within six months of the incident.


First to stop Fast-Breaking attacks

In this climate of fast-paced attacks, every minute matters. Cybercriminals bank on the element of surprise. Benchmarking shows MailGuard is consistently between 2 hours and 48 hours ahead of the market in preventing fast-breaking attacks. 

MailGuard’s proprietary “Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence)” approach is unique in predicting and learning about new and emerging threats. Combined with our cloud-based web and email solutions, MailGuard is uniquely positioned to apply immediate protection to users throughout the world.

Category-Leading Service & 24/7 Phone Support 

At MailGuard our proactive and transparent approach to customers sets us apart. Aiming for first-call resolution, the person you speak to knows every product, meaning no unwieldy IVRs or call transfers. Your organisation receives timely and proactive communications as new threats break, and when you need support our team will be in touch immediately to help you manage the situation and to mitigate any impacts.

Combined with our intuitive unified console, providing tailored services to suit the needs and environment of your organisation, it's clear that with MailGuard, customers always come first. Boasting 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSAT), we’re here for you when it matters.

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Protected on all Fronts 

The MailGuard security suite is built from the ground up by our engineers, with no inherited IP, no integrations and no distractions from mergers and acquisitions - this means that MailGuard can leverage local domain intelligence and expertise, tuned to meet your needs.

As the world's largest privately-held cloud email security provider, MailGuard delivers a full suite of security solutions across email and web to protect your business before threats reach your environment.



This is an ideal service, offering a simple to use, realtime and low-cost solution.

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"It was easy to implement and within one day, the benefits were obvious. I feel we are completely protected."

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"MailGuard has stopped persistent threats that two other anti-malware programs failed to detect."

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