Fake ATO email distributes malwarenNov302016 MailGuard.jpg

Breaking: Fake ATO email distributes malware on enormous scale

Tens of thousands of Australians are at risk of downloading a virus with a single click thanks to a malware spam email designed to impersonate the ATO.... Read More

Alphabet trick helps fake Apple email evade detection

By Jaclyn McRae on Feb 17, 2017

A new Apple phishing scam tries to trick people into handing over their log-in information using a font-substitution tactic designed to avoid virus software detection.

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Latest Apple phishing scam: Fake or real? Can you pick ...

By Annamaria Montagnese on Oct 10, 2016

 A new email phishing scam impersonating Apple is hitting inboxes. At the time of detection early Friday morning (AEST) by MailGuard, 68 other antivirus vendors were not marking the scam as malicious.

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Bad Apple - New Email Phishing Scam Targets User ...

By Annamaria Montagnese on Jul 21, 2016

In a new twist on many of the Apple scams we’ve seen before, cybercrime networks are again sending phishing emails to Apple users in an attempt to steal login credentials and other personal information.

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New sham Apple phishing scam bites

By Richard Price on Feb 18, 2016

A new sham Apple phishing scam has emerged, which uses a range of tactics to fool users into surrendering personal information including their account and credit card details.

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Email Scams Targeting NAB, Apple and Aldi Customers

By MailGuard Editor on Sep 25, 2015

A number of zero day scams are currently circulating, purporting to be from a variety of well-known brands. 

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Latest Email Scams Targeting Recipients Purporting To ...

By MailGuard Editor on Sep 24, 2015

Here are samples of some of the zero-day or fastbreak email scams purporting to be from a variety of well-known brands. 

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