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The small and medium sized business security challenge

For most businesses, managing email and web systems is getting more complex and more expensive by the day. Businesses must be equipped to deal with the 507 billion emails sent each day in 2013 – compared with the 247 billion in 2009 (research from the Radicati Group).

While IT costs escalate, cybercriminals have upped the ante, targeting small and medium sized businesses with new breeds of blended attacks, fast breaking viruses and ‘drive bys’.

To combat these threats, SMBs are seeking security services that minimise these risks and the time and energy to manage them.

Luckily, MailGuard’s small and mid-size business security services were designed to meet your needs and your budget.


Cloud based worry-free IT security that just works

Cloud technology is transforming the way SMBs think about IT security. Traditionally, security would be installed and updated in house. A dedicated IT resource was required and new security software would be purchased and re-installed every few years.

Nowadays, you can have superior always up-to-date security without a dedicated IT resource. What’s more, you can have “set and forget” enterprise grade security without breaking the bank.  There is no software or hardware to install and no administration required.

By leaving security up to dedicated specialists with more than a decade experience, you can concentrate on what matters – driving your business forward.

  • Plug in and eradicate 100% of known-virus spam from your business overnight
  • Minimise the risk of downtime and improve operating efficiency
  • Maximise your team’s productivity and satisfaction


Why MailGuard: the bottom line

By choosing MailGuard, you’ll never need to worry about your IT security again.

  • Manage everything from our sleek unified management console
  • Enjoy the simplicity of dealing with just one vendor
  • Reduce your IT expenses with an affordable per user per month SMB tailored package


A reliable service with guaranteed performance

We’ve been providing SMBs with a dependable security service since 2001, protecting businesses across 27 countries.

  • Guaranteed uptime and a 100% historical service uptime
  • 100% email delivery
  • 6 proven productivity boosting security solutions


Backed by awesome phone support 24 hours a day

MailGuard provides phone and email access to an industry leading technical support team. You get the peace of mind knowing security specialists are just a phone call away 24 hours of the day.

  • Email and 24/7 phone free of charge
  • Fast response from talented in-house security specialists
  • A 98% first call resolution rate
  • Peace of mind knowing your email environment is as efficient as possible
  • Additional personnel to power your IT team


Get Protected

Implementing MailGuard is a simple, quick process that allows you to increase your network protection with immediate effect.

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