There are many reasons why smart businesses trust us to simplify their IT security. Here’s the top ten:


1. Unlimited and awesome email and 24/7 phone technical support at no additional cost

Phone support is provided around the clock by in-house security experts, and email support is also available during AEST business hours. MailGuard’s support team boast a 98% first call resolution rate and act as an invaluable extension of your IT team.


2. Uncluttered inboxes and next to no spam

MailGuard immediately removes 99.997% of spam, improving your team’s productivity.


3. Set and forget (there’s no hardware, no software, no installation, no upgrading ever)

MailGuard completely removes the technological burden of managing expensive hardware and software. Protection is guaranteed with zero maintenance, administration and end user training.


4. Reliability (it just works 100% of the time)

Guaranteed performance because MailGuard is governed by a rock-solid SLA and boasts 100% historical service uptime and 100% email delivery.


5. Rapid deployment

MailGuard can be up and running in a matter of hours and you can scale the service up or down as needed. Your business enjoys agile security and you only pay for services you use.


6. Reduced power bills and reduced bandwidth pressure

By removing unwanted content from your business network, you use less bandwidth and reduce the costs of system maintenance, data transmission and storage.

7. Unrivalled simplicity

MailGuard is the smart way to manage email with minimal administration. Implement security policies company-wide without fuss from the sleek unified management console. Comprehensive reporting provides valuable insights and improved planning opportunities.


8. Viruses and malware eliminated before reaching the network

 100% malware and virus effectiveness from email and web-borne threats gives you and your team peace of mind plus safe communication and browsing.


9. Faster, safer and more productive business networks

MailGuard minimises the risk of system downtime by removing spam, viruses and malware. By keeping unwanted content out of your business, operating efficiency and network performance are improved.


10. A dedicated cloud security specialist since 2001

Extensive experience handling IT security on behalf of hundreds of thousands of business users across 27 countries, makes MailGuard an expert in its field.


Our commitment to your business


MailGuard commits to enterprise-grade Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We offer guaranteed service uptime, ensuring your business protection is 'always on'. MailGuard takes pride in delivering outstanding in-house support, freely available to clients and accessible via email and 24/7 by phone.


Trust the innovator to simplify cloud security


MailGuard provides a range of industry-leading cloud solutions including email and web security, email archiving, email hosting, image monitoring and email continuity. All are available with a 14 day free trial. Try MailGuard today and discover for yourself why you too can trust the innovator to simplify cloud security.


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