Don’t complicate security just because you’re BIG

Outlining the security challenge for enterprise-size companies

Enterprise sized businesses have unique needs when it comes to IT security. Operating from multiple locations and serving customers all over the world, presents a big challenge in compliance, productivity and data security.

You require a flexible solution that doesn’t just minimise the risks of online threats harming your business, but also improves the operating efficiency and productivity of your email and web systems.

MailGuard has designed a range of IT security services that simplify and can be rapidly implemented across plus-sized organisations.


Eradicate complexity from your email and web security

MailGuard gives you the ability to manage email, web and data security company-wide all in one place – from its sleek unified console. The easy to use interface means you can make the service as simple or complex as you’d like. You can customise email and web policies to fit your unique needs right down to the individual user if you so wish.

Being a “set and forget” cloud based service, MailGuard can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal support. With no updating, maintenance or re-purchasing required, the size of your enterprise does not make your security more complex.

Because MailGuard provides comprehensive security services, you don’t waste time and energy dealing with multiple security vendors.

  • Manage all IT security from MailGuard’s sleek unified console
  • Customise policies for each aspect of your business
  • Remove complexity of multiple vendors and security planning cycles
  • Improved operating efficiency and planning with actionable management statistics


Minimise the risks of downtime to safeguard profitability

Downtime is simply not an option for a plus-sized organisation. An email outage for any amount of time, whether planned or not, can impact profitability in a matter of minutes. MailGuard’s continuity solution provides instant emergency email access so business keeps up and running. Email traffic is automatically re-routed and outages are invisible to the outside world.

Meanwhile, email and web security significantly reduces the risk of downtime in the first place.

  • Minimised risk from online threats – 100% virus and malware effectiveness
  • Guaranteed business productivity
  • 100% email delivery


MailGuard provides a dependable and proven service

An IT security service can have bells and whistles, but if it isn’t reliable, enterprise-sized companies will not go near it.

MailGuard brings with it over a decade as an innovator and dedicated cloud security provider, operating across 27 countries. Our service is governed by aggressive SLAs that guarantee performance. We also walk the walk with a historical service uptime of 100%.

The MailGuard service in three words: dependable, reliable, and proven.

  • Guaranteed reliability with an aggressive SLA and a historical uptime of 100%
  • Globally dispersed data centres across 3 continents
  • Fewer helpdesk queries,  easy to manage, less time and energy dedicated to support


Technical phone support 24 hours a day

MailGuard provides phone and email access to an industry leading technical support team. You get the peace of mind knowing security specialists are just a phone call away 24 hours of the day.

Our support team are not only fanatical about the service, but are also based in our head office – right next to our development team.

Sitting in the middle of your email environment, MailGuard are in the perfect position to isolate issues and help you to maximise the efficiency of your IT systems.

  • Email and 24/7 phone support at no additional charge
  • Fast response from talented in-house security specialists
  • A 98% first call resolution rate
  • Peace of mind knowing your email environment is as efficient as possible


Get Protected

Implementing MailGuard is a simple, quick process that allows you to increase your network protection with immediate effect.

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